India’s Surgical Strikes

India’s Surgical Strikes

India conducted surgical strikes against Pakistani launch pads in POK which resulted in the killing of some terrorists and destruction of some infrastructure. The details were given by the Army’s DGMO. This incident has become a topic of great debate. I have analyzed it for the benefit of visitors to the website.

Great Job by Indian Army!

Indian Army deserves praise for the successful operation. The operation has achieved the following:

  • Raised the image of Indian Army in India.
  • Proved Indian Army’s capability to Pakistan Army & Pakistanis.
  • Proved to Pakistan that there is a limit to India’s restraint.

Great Success for Government!

Modi government deserves credit for the operation by Indian Army.

Pakistan’s Response

Pakistani leadership and Army calling the surgical strikes as fake is nonsense. Their reaction is however, consistent with their past conduct of telling lies and speaking nonsense from Yahya Khan to Pervez Musharraf to Raheel Sharif and Navaz Sharif.

Opposition Doubts Truth about Operation

Politics in India hit a new low when Congress and AAP doubted the truth about the operation. Their agenda is only to somehow prevent the BJP from getting benefit in the coming UP and Punjab elections. This further strengthens my belief in the following:

  • Politicians lack nationalism.
  • The only religion for politicians is winning elections at all costs and for that they are willing to stoop to unimaginable lows.

BJP will benefit in the coming elections because of the ‘surgical strikes’ across LOC in the same way as Congress had benefited in 1971 from the Bangladesh war, despite Indira Gandhi being a seriously flawed and undemocratic leader.

Recommendations for Future

  • Government. Government should not get involved in any move towards developing ‘bonhomie’ with Pakistan as was done by Vajpayee after the Kargil War. Pakistan can only be trusted after the Pakistani population has revolted against the Pakistan Army and ended their pre-eminence in Pakistan. India must take all measures to degrade the image of Pakistan Army.
  • Army. Army must continue, not only a high level of defence preparedness, but continue to launch similar strikes for a long period of time and make Pakistani terrorists and Army ‘bleed by a thousand cuts’. The government must support such Army actions.


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