Inspiring Story for Women

Inspiring Story for Women

True  Story

This is a true story of a NCC entry girl from Manipur. Miss X had done her schooling from her home town in Imphal. She was an average student in school, with average performance in academics & no noteworthy achievements in sports or extracurricular activities. She graduated in Arts from Delhi University. She obtained a third division (below average), had no involvement in sports or extracurricular activities, & wasted a considerable amount of her time in Delhi in non-productive activities, like quite a few young girls, with no clear aim in life, who are unable to positively cope with the freedom of college life, coupled with the freedom provided by hostel life, when staying away from their parents’ supervision. She was a highly unlikely candidate for selection to become an officer in the Defence Services. Expectedly she was rejected by different SSBs four times. At this stage of her life Miss X took stock of her life & concluded the following:

  • She had wasted considerable time in her life in non productive work, for which she alone was responsible.
  • Her parents, friends, & teachers could in no way be held responsible for her current state.
  • She was rejected by the SSB because she deserved to be rejected.
  • In the same way that she had wasted her time, by her own free will, she could utilize it constructively to improve herself.

She undertook the following actions:

  • Started spending time in the library reading about her subjects, current events & whatever she found interesting & stopped wasting her time.
  • She began to exercise regularly to improve her fitness & bring in greater discipline in her life.

I interviewed Miss X in her fifth attempt at SSB. She was cleared & is an officer today.


  • We are responsible for whatever good or bad that happens in our lives. Blaming others & circumstances does not help us in any way.
  • We can proactively change our lives for the better.
  • Candidates clearing SSB need not have a past record of high achievements.
  • There is no point in wasting time regretting past actions. We should focus on the present & work purposefully towards a bright future!


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