Ironies of India

Ironies of India

  • We want everyone else to be law abiding but desire that laws be bent for us.
  • We are not unified but in all school books we are taught that India has, “unity in diversity”.
  • We are a democracy but almost all our political parties are run by dynasties.
  • We rewarded Rajiv Gandhi for the crime of killings of Sikhs by giving him the biggest majority.
  • We rewarded Advani for the crime of demolishing the Babri Mosque by making him the most pwerful person in India.
  • We rarely have any use for our best brains: Rajan, Amratya Sen & Abhijeet Banerjee.
  • The best Indian movies, “Gandhi” & “Slumdog Millionnaire” were made by foreigners.
  • We call Gandhi as the “Father of the Nation” but the followers of Godse are more powerful in India today.
  • The “Statue of Unity” was erected by the greatest divider.
  • The biggest promoters of Lord Ram follow none of his teachings.
  • Our two famous election winning slogans, “Garibi Hatao” & “Sabka saath, sabka vikaas” were both absolutely false.
  • After Modi had ruined Indian economy by demonetisation & GST we elected him by a even bigger mandate.
  • Crony capitalism has thrived in India. Criminals and politicians are getting richer but all the politicians talk about the welfare of farmers but nobody has ever cared for them.
  • We burn fire wood (“havan”) to end air pollution.
  • A person who calls “Jyotish Vidya” above all Science is our HRD Minister.
  • We are the world leaders in hunger and air pollution but consider ourselves as “Vishwa Guru”.
  • We troll & terrorise people who listen to their conscience and support the truth like Khemka, Lavasa, “The Wire”, NDTV, Ravish Kumar & Prasun Vajpayee; our former Army Chief, Gen VK Singh, failed to prove a simple truth of his date of birth in court; the biggest liars in Indian political history is our PM but our national motto is “Satyameva Jayate”.

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