Irresponsible Past Lowers Selection Chances in SSB?

Irresponsible Past Lowers Selection Chances in SSB?

An observed trend in the Indian youth is wasting time and money by dropping one year after 12th to prepare for competitive exams & again drop years after 4 years of engineering to prepare for some exams. This trend is greatly encouraged by parents’ and peer support. Since this trend is quite ‘normal’ the youth feels that it is absolutely fine. Some of my students discuss this issue with me. In this blog I have tried to explain as to why it is considered as irresponsible behaviour and seriously lowers the chances of selection in SSB.

Drop Year after 12th

The competitive exams taken by students are designed to test the knowledge acquired at that stage. The concept of ‘drop year’ is a creation of the society. In 90% of the cases it does not result in improved performance. Thus 90% of the students have wasted their time. More pertinent from the psychological perspective is that these students have got habituated to wasting time. This shows irresponsible conduct, or low competence, or both.

Drop Years after Engineering

I have not conducted any survey, but observation tends to suggest that the students who ‘drop years’ after engineering are the ones who had done so after 12th. This only reconfirms their irresponsible attitude.
Arguments for Wasting Time by Students
The students offer the following ( weak/useless) arguments to support this time wastage:

  • Parents’ advice.
  • Peer support.
  • It is normal conduct.
  • Some role model who succeeded in this manner.

Why SSB treats it as Irresponsible Conduct or Incompetence, or Both?

SSB will treat this as lack of ‘sense of responsibility’ or incompetence, or both for the following reasons:

  • In general SSB is not concerned about the advice of parents, peers, etc. If the candidate has wasted time as discussed above SSB rightly treats him as totally responsible for this conduct.
  • SSB will expect such an individual to continue with this habit in the future as well. Defence Services has no use for such officers.
  • In general if after completion of engineering an individual has not got a job then he is likely to be incompetent in his chosen line.

Is there a way out for Students with Such Profile?

All such students should be very clear that their past conduct has lowered their chances of selection. Suggestions for them to increase their chances of selection are:

  • Give up this time wasting immediately and take up a job at the earliest.
  • Start working sincerely in the chosen job.
  • Preparing for SSBs is no work. Please stop it immediately. Your personality is moulded more by what you do than some theoretical preparation.
  • When asked by the interviewing officer in SSB about such wasted time in the past, admit it as a mistake and do not rationalise your conduct by giving weak arguments. Give evidence that after realisation of your mistake how you have been working sincerely and not been wasting time. The good news is that SSB selects you based on your personality today & not what it was in the history! If your attitude has genuinely changed then SSB will select you.


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  1. SSB is a place where we get opportunity to know about ourself and correct ourself. The best process for personality analysis and improvement. Great process.!!! Thanks for the article sir,!!!

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