ISIS: The Scariest Terrorist Group in World

ISIS: The Scariest Terrorist Group in World

Vital Statistics:
  • Area Controlled. Please see the map. ISIS has captured approximately 90,000 sq km of productive land in Syria, Iraq, Eastern Libya, Egypt and other areas of Middle East.
  • Strength: Estimated fighters: 20,000. If we add the supporters in various capacities the number could be up to 35,000 to 40,000. Recruits include former Baathists, local Iraqis and Syrians; defections from other rebel groups, some foreigners and of course the majority being desperate, unemployed young men.
  • Funds: Estimated earnings are $2 to 4 million per day. It generates money from all possible sources, which include: crude oil, extortion, bank robberies, kidnappings for ransom and so on.
What gives ISIS an edge over Al Qaeda and Taliban?
  • Al Qaeda does not control any well defined area and is primarily dependent upon Saudi Arabia funding. Taliban controlled areas in Afghanistan are poor, with Poppy (Poppy-opium-fancy drugs chain) cultivation being an only important source of fund. ISIS controls large high value areas, with independent funding. It is expanding with demonstrated battle victories. ISIS gives hope to disillusioned youth by providing some meaning to their lives and safe haven.
  • It is the most radical group. The handling of media and promotion is the best. They offer a physical place to live out a fantasy. It is common to have 2 members of ISIS go into an Arab village and return with 50 to 100 followers.
Why ISIS is the Scariest Terrorist Group in the World?
  • ISIS is promoting the creation of a Sunni Islamic global caliphate within the boundaries of Sharia law. It promotes destruction of non-Islamic culture.It is thus against all other religions, including Shia Muslims.
  • ISIS resorts to brutal methods of mass murders, kidnappings and violence.
  • ISIS has the financial and military muscle to threaten the world. It has appeal for Sunni Muslims ( ever suspicious of Christian and Jew intentions) to join. It has potential to shift the battle front from Middle East to Europe via Turkey.

How to fight ISIS?

The threat of ISIS is potent enough to demand united effort against it. It will require the US and Iraqi forces to join hands with Iran to fight the menace.
What is strength for ISIS is also its weakness and that is a geographical area under control. This lends itself to conventional war, in which the NATO and Iranian Armies will have an edge.
US and the world has to act fast to neutralize this challenge to world peace at the earliest, before the situation becomes unmanageable.

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