Jat Agitation, JNU, FTII, Vemula Suicide: Why I Don’t Blog on such Issues?

Jat Agitation, JNU, FTII, Vemula Suicide: Why I Don’t Blog on such Issues?

Jat Agitation, JNU, FTII, Vemula’s suicide and several other burning issues have been recent news headlines. Some visitors to the page/my students seek my comments and suggest that I blog on the topics. I do not blog on such topics because I like to focus on issues which are more important from the long term perspective.
For example when I was following the Railway budget today I noted the following:

  • Rs 30,000/- crores is the annual loss of subsidising passenger fare.
  • Operating ratio, that is the operating expenses as a percentage of revenue was 92%. Economic prudence suggests that it should be 80%, or lower.
  • It concerned me as to how long will we continue with such stupid socialistic policies. They are against growth and job creation, which should be India’s major concern. I am convinced that bad economics is also bad politics in the long run.
  • This was not the highlight in the news. The highlights reported were: “Coolies will be called ‘Sahayaks”. More interestingly the report on Railway budget was interrupted to report the most important national news that Sanjay Dutt had been released from jail. I was thankful that we did not have a Salman Khan court hearing, or else the media would have naturally discussed “Bhai” rather than the Railway budget!

Sense of Priorities is Important

In No Frills Academy I expect to be interacting with people who have a good sense of priorities, or if not, they would like to develop it. I teach effective time management to my students. If I focus on what coolies would be named, or how Sanjay Dutt reached his home and so on, then I will be definitely ashamed of my time management. If this is my sense of priorities then should I be teaching, “Effective time management”?

I have Views on Burning Issues

Let me share my views on the burning issues for once as an exception:

FTII, Vemula , JNU & Jat Protest:
  • FTII. In FTII BJP has thrust their party man to propagate their political agenda. The person lacks the credentials required for the job.
  • Vemula’s Case. In Hyderabad University there was undesired political interference. Social discrimination is a problem. Poor Vemula was driven to commit suicide because of the environment created.
  • JNU. JNU has historically been a bastion of the communists. I wonder as to how this ideological domination continues despite history proving the failings of communism. I concede that there is a need for leftist views in politics to balance the drawbacks of the capitalist ideology. I have not found the energy to seek an answer to my question about the survival of the communist ideology in JNU (I am a JNU graduate). Coming to the present case it is a clear case of BJP trying to promote their “Hindu- nationalist ideology” and continuance of divisive politics. The charges against the students are legally untenable and they should not have been arrested. The actions of BJP supported lawyers were shameful (well so was the demolition of the Babri Masjid. It, however, brought BJP to power and Advani got recognition as “Loh Purush” for an act of cowardice). Such actions are supported by a large constituency. It was an embarrassment to note Kiran Bedi (someone I respected in the past) trying to defend the Police inaction in Patiala House.
  • Jat protests. At this time of the year the rural Jat population in Haryana does not have anything important to do in the agriculture fields and hence it is a suitable time for protest. The demand for reservation is laughable. It, however, reflects a social problem of reduced land holdings and suitable employment, similar to the Patels in Gujarat. This problem of lack of economic opportunities is a creation of 10 years of Sonia Gandhi’s misrule and Modi cannot solve it with a magic wand. The nation will continue to suffer the effects of the misrule. This appears unfair from proximity, but please view it from a historical perspective then it will look fair, because we Indians elected Sonia Gandhi to control our destiny for 10 years!


Conclusion: Views on Burning Issues

I have explained my reasons for not talking about the burning issues. I have briefly shared my views about them. In my perception they do not merit any greater analysis. In case I have hurt some sentiments then it is just too bad because I have a right to freedom of speech!

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