Kaizen for Personal Development

 Kaizen for Personal Development

The great success of the Japanese industry was due primarily to Kaizen. Kaizen, the philosophy of seeking continuous improvement, has applicability in personal development, just as it has in the industry. Let us understand Kaizen.

Understanding Kaizen

Ford revolutionized manufacturing by creating the concept of the assembly line. This was a revolutionary concept. In the assembly line the workers remained static at their work stations, while the car moved to their stations after a fixed interval of time, in which time the workers did their job. Let us take an example of a car assembly line taking 5 min each at 50 work stations. Thus in every 5 min interval a car will be ready from the assembly line. With improved worker and managerial efficiency over a period of two months the time is reduced by 15 sec that is 4 min and 45 sec. This is Kaizen-continuous improvement. In two 8 hours shifts per day the production would be:

  • 5 min per Car. 16x60x60 sec= 57600 sec/ 5×60 sec= 192 cars.
  • 4 min 45 sec per Car. 57600/ 285= 202.10 cars.
  • We can see that 10 more cars have been produced per day, or 300 more per month, or 3600 per year.

The advantage Kaizen has given to the producer taking 4 min and 45 sec compared with the producer taking 5 min in reducing production cost, increasing production, giving benefits to the employees is big. This is the power of Kaizen!

 Kaizen for Personal Development

Kaizen can be applied in our personal lives. Examples: Time taken for the following:

  • Bathe and get ready.
  • Read news.
  • Write a blog.
  • Finish routine work.

We can apply Kaizen to make small improvements in the following:

  • Giving up a bad habit.
  • Getting more disciplined.
  • Getting more organized.
  • Writing a little better.

The beauty of Kaizen is that you can keep enhancing your efficiency in almost all spheres of life. The applicability of Kaizen to our lives is only limited by our imagination!


Big changes are difficult to effect; small changes and improvements are very much feasible. We should  remember that there is no limit to human improvement. These small changes and improvements provide us a key to revolutionary benefits in life!

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