Kashmir-New Changes-Future?

Kashmir-New Changes-Future?

I am writing this blog about Kashmir; the changes being brought in Kashmir by Modi & try to look ahead as to what the future may hold. I will avoid use of any legal terms to keep the comprehension of ideas simple.

Some Relevant Facts

  • Modi-Shah represent the following Hindu majority thinking:
    • Which is interested in control of Kashmir’s land without any care for the Kashmiri people.
    • Which support destruction of the Babri Masjid & would celebrate forcible construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.
    • Which is in consonance with the two-nation theory supported by Jinnah & is against the secular idea of Gandhi-Nehru.
    • Which does not respect democracy & Constitution.
  • About Kashmir:
    • Despite being a Muslim majority, Kashmir acceded to India under duress and hence was granted a special status. Kashmiri people represented to the world defiance of Jinnah’s two-nation theory & the acceptance of the idea of a secular India of Gandhi-Nehru.
    • Article 370 has been diluted greatly over time and remained till recently as just a fig-leaf of self-respect to the Kashmiris.
    • Democracy has been suppressed, elections rigged and the centre controlled Kashmir consistently in the past.
    • The tragedy of the eviction of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in the 1990s remains an unresolved issue.
    • An important ingredient in the long-term solution of the Kashmir problem lies in changing the demography of Kashmir with greater induction of non-Muslims & Kashmiri Pandits. This was apparently not feasible in the existing status-quo.
    • Kashmiris have mistrusted the central government in the past and the mistrust and alienation has increased in the past 5-year Modi misrule.
    • The number of Kashmiri militants has increased in the last 5 years.
    • Modi has dealt with Kashmir as a law and order issue and not tried the approach of dialogue. In the Modi method of tackling the Kashmir problem things would have only deteriorated further, implying increased militancy, greater deployment of troops and greater casualties of Kashmiris as well as security forces.

Essence of Shah’s Statements in Parliament

Shah’s promise that economy of Kashmir will improve and Kashmiris will be better integrated by abrogation of Article-370 is all trash. Modi has ruined the economy of entire India so for the people of Kashmir to expect improvement in their economy and creation of jobs is a bad joke.

Validity of Abrogation of Article-370?

The present and past CMs of Kashmir have been put under house arrest. The affected people (Kashmiris) have not been consulted. Removal of Article-370 is an absolutely undemocratic act. The demotion of the state to the status of two separate Union Territories is apparently an act of humiliation for Kashmiris.

Good Part of Abrogation of Article-370

The good part of the abrogation of this act is that it will pave the way for slowly changing the demography of Kashmir as has been done by China in Tibet. This, in my view, is a vital step towards the solution of the Kashmir problem. China is of course not a democracy. India used to be some kind of a democracy once upon a time.

Near Future?

  • Alienation of Kashmiris will increase.
  • Militancy will increase.
  • More Kashmiris and security personnel will die.
  • These things would have happened in Modi-misrule in any case, only the degree may have been lesser.
  • Please don’t expect Ambani & Adani to start investing in Kashmir in the next 5 years!

Long Term Future?

India may achieve what China has achieved in Tibet by changing the demography of Kashmir in the long run. Since I also feel that changing the demography is vital to the long-term solution of Kashmir problem and I do not know of some civil and democratic means of doing so. Hence, I feel the abrogation of Article-370 will prove to be a good step in the long term.

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  1. It has two many negative thoughts. Kashmir can become a heaven again Free from militancy and troops. When people from rest of the world will set up companies there than the youth will get employment opportunities and their would be reduction in number of stone petlers. Since security is in the hands of central government, this would boost the confidence of Kashmiri Pandit and this would help in their rehabilitation. Landowners, orchard owners, etc can easily sell their land and this will help in recapitalisation. They will get proper price for their immovable asset. State government employees will get HRA, education allowance. This would create a class of people which would remain loyal to the union of India. In long run POK can be merged with Indian Kashmir. This all are my thoughts. Please gave your feedback. I am waiting for your feedback.

  2. Sir with due respect I’m sorry that my views are totally different from yours. Kashmir used to be a part of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s reign at a time which later got into control of Dogra rulers then Maharaja Hari Singh have an instrument of accession to the Indian Govt when Pakistan attacked the Kashmir. Now points to focus are:-
    1. Kashmir was an issue for both India and
    Pakistan and being more powerful than Pakistan, India never tried to capture the Kashmir by force but Pakistan did it.
    2. Maharaja Hari Singh gave the instrument of accession to India but never demanded anything like Article 370 in return.
    3. Kashmir had a religious homogeneity with adequate amount of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims.
    Now Sheikh Abdulla came in light and talked to PM Nehru after which Maharaja Hari Singh was forcily sent to Bombay and later Sheikh Abdulla was made CM (almost PM) of Kashmir.
    Points to ponder-
    1. Sheikh Abdulla was till now on a side that India should have the control over Kashmir and he was given the control of Kashmir by the people just because of this India allied mindset.
    2. This shows people at that time wanted to be with India rather than to be independent as Hari Singh wanted or to be at a side of Pakistan.
    3. After coming to power, gradually Sheikh Abdulla realising the taste of power started claiming that Kashmir should be an independent state however earlier he wasnt in favour of this.
    4. He convinced PM Nehru and got in constitution the provision of Article 370.
    5. Under his leadership 370 was developed and it had a provision that Kashmiri girls won’t marry in any other Indian state rather they can marry in Pakistan and still have their rights reserved
    6. Now the agenda hidden here is Pakistanis will get into families of the Kashmiris and hence spread hate against India.
    There’s much to say but the most important thing which I can see is that when Maharaja Hari Singh signed instrument of accession with India Pakistanis searched for Shekh Abdulla and he chose to be in the side of India because he knew that Pakistan had attacked Kashmir recently so the people will be on his side if he says to be with India. By saying this he took into confidence the Indian Govt and made them do whatever he wanted. He was also arrested by Indian govt two or three times when Govt got his nerves and gradually he took a U turn and said Kashmir will be an independent state because to say that we will join Pakistan will spread unrest in the minds of Kashmiris. Now after 370 Pakistanis were open to marry the Kashmiris and hence they started spreading hate against India on the basis of religion and soon the Kashmiri Pandits were brutally expelled from their own homes. Sikhs who returned from Pakistan and stayed in Kashmir were not given citizenship because the Plan was to make Kashmir a Muslim majority state so that Pakistan may trigger them on the name of religion. Terrorism started blooming in Kashmir to spread mental unrest in the minds of people and this was an agenda under same plan because Punjab or Rajasthan or Gujarat never faced any of such situations but Kashmir was only facing it. Kashmiris were not given education or health facilities neither any proper employment opportunity was generated and the allies got together in Kashmir to rule generation by generation and to portray their mindset claiming it to be the mindset of general Kashmiri people. Rest all you know better than me that what has happened till now in Kashmir.
    The way in which 370 is abrogated is undoubtedly questionable but tit for tat is an old policy. It has been done for the betterment of our future and their was no other suitable way to do this.
    Hence I’m totally in support of the Indian Govt on this step.

    • Most of Indians support this undemocratic act. It still remains undemocratic. I also feel that it may prove beneficial in the long run.

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