My Life Changing Experience with No Frills Academy!

My Life Changing Experience with No Frills Academy!

I, Tarun Singh, got recommended in my 9th attempt at SSB. I was trying for the defence forces since 2010 with absolutely no success and no clues about my weaknesses. I graduated in 2015 with no job and 7 unsuccessful attempts at SSB. I saw Nehru sir’s blogs online and made up my mind to take his guidance. It was the first time that any mentor’s blogs for SSB made any sense to me. I had seen various capsules and 15 days coaching and their philosophy. The difference between their methodology and Nehru sir’s approach convinced me that his method was logical.

Starting: No Frills Academy

I got associated with Nehru sir and started preparing for various exams like SSC CGL and IBPS PO. In my first interaction with sir he told me that my reasoning abilities and effective intelligence were good and I should work hard to clear these exams as well. I asked him what about SSB sir?
To which he said,
 “First let’s get your life settled and moving. Let’s work on your confidence and general knowledge. Let us work on your physical fitness. When all of this gets moving SSB will be done without any special effort”.
Now, after 3 months I can clearly relate to this statement. His focus was never on any SSB task or test. On the contrary I only discussed about them only a week before my SSB. Those 3 months had been absolutely fantastic for me. They have changed my life! My confidence level is on a peak!
He prepared a plan for me and we got started. I willfully followed every inch and full stop of his instructions and methodology. Initially, it was difficult because of my disorganized life and poor habits. But seeing the amount of benefit and change in my approach towards challenges made me push harder.

Regular Interaction with Nehru Sir

I interacted, at times, with Nehru sir twice a day. I use to ask him that am I bothering you too much sir? To which he replied,
 “I feel very happy when my students bother me. It’s when they don’t bother me, that I worry about them! “
This friendly and positive motivation helped me to stay connected with him and this helped him in monitoring my progress regularly. I accepted my shortcomings readily and worked hard to overcome them under his expert, yet very simple guidance.

Encouraging Results

Owing to his guidance I got placed in TCS in Dec 2015. This boosted my morale and helped rebuild my confidence which had taken a beating with repeated ‘screening outs’ at SSB. I also had a SSB in Dec 2015. Sir asked me to leave it because I was not ready for it at that point of time. I did it trustfully and got back to my studies and organized life.
My physical fitness was poor and I could barely run 400 meters and could not do a single chin up. Now I can easily cover 8 kilometers in 40 minutes. I can do 40 pushups and 5 chin ups. He monitored my physical activities and gave me suitable feedback and advice to avoid injuries.
I cleared my IBPS PO exam and had my interview for the same. It was because of Nehru sir and his knowledge about banking and diverse aspects of Economics like FDI, agriculture and Political Science that helped me clear it successfully. I remember that the interviewer asked me about FDI and RBI interest rates and he was extremely impressed by my knowledge. He told me that he had never seen any engineer having such knowledge. At No Frills Academy we used to discuss simple social issues as well complex global affairs. Surprisingly, complex issues were made simple and interesting. I never had to mug up any data.  Eventually I got through the IBPS PO exam as well and got selected in Union Bank of India as a PO.

Thanks No Frills Academy!

Now when I look back I feel extremely thankful to No Frills Academy. I got through SSB, cleared IBPS PO and got placed at TCS with Nehru Sir’s guidance and no other coaching of any type whatsoever. Physically I am robust. My decision making ability has improved tremendously and confidence high.
I thank him for his guidance and maintaining faith in me.  His faith aroused my self confidence and energized me.
Thank you sir! I would gladly remain connected with you and advise all SSB aspirants to take your simple and expert guidance for genuine self improvement!
TARUN SINGH – 9696907024
My Comments Added in Jul 2019
Students primarily come to me for SSB guidance. I, however, guide them to be more effective in their lives. After Tarun had qualified to join Coast Guard I advised him not to do so considering his domestic commitments ( mother & sister; he had lost his father earlier). He reluctantly took my advice & is working with SBI. He may sometimes blame me for the advice when he gets frustrated with his bank job. My advice was in good faith-right or wrong is difficult to say!

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  1. Wow.!!! Its just awesome, Tarun case and my case is some what co related. Only two things different which differentiate myself with Tarun, they are Guidance from Col. Nehru sir, and obviously recommendation from SSB.
    Congrats Tarun. Well done.!!!
    Sir, you are doing great work, and so many people will get benefited from it.
    I am interested to get guidance from you, May 2016 I am planning to join with you sir.

    • You can enroll as my student to learn about your weaknesses & then formulate a plan to overcome them.

  2. very inspiring….i have recently joined his program….and glad to know…i have made a right decision…to get an apt person’s guidance in my first attempt….hope i get selected….really a nice person to talk with….and most commendable is the fact that he is practices what he preaches!!

    • Thanks for reposing faith in me. I will guide you definitely. However, the hard work, just like Tarun, has to be done by you! Good luck.

  3. Very inspiring….!
    I’m also trying to find my weaknesses….
    After this February CDS exam I’ll join No frills Academy & find my weaknesses and overcome that with the help of sir…..

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