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Life Lessons from Nadal

Nadal is arguably one of the greatest sportspersons of all time. 21 Grand Slam title victories are the highest by any male in the history of Tennis. What are the lessons for life we can learn from him?

1.      Humility. Nadal has never displayed the slightest arrogance despite the huge success. He is one of the most grounded sportspersons. He shows full respect to all his opponents.

2.       Tantrums. In the world of Tennis where racket throwing and other tantrums are commonplace, Nadal has never thrown or broken a racket. Even in the most emotionally charged circumstances he knows that he is responsible for the error and not the racket!

3.      Match is Not over till it is Over. He is arguably the best competitor and gives his best. He does not give up; he makes others give up. He can endure pain and fatigue and fight on.

4.      The Sum is Greater than the Parts. Nadal does not have the best serve, return of serve, ground strokes or volleys. He is one of the best movers but not the best. He proves that you do not have to be the best in various facets of the game. An indomitable spirit and sincerity of effort can be good enough.

5.      After Big Victory there is Another Match. Often after a match, like his recent victory in the quarter-finals against Djokovic, it happens with a lot of us that we feel that we have peaked, followed by a release of emotions and then there is a dip in performance. Nadal knows that after a big victory there is another match to be played. As a professional he has to keep himself mentally and emotionally geared for the next match.

Thanks, Nadal, for inspiring us!

A humble fan


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