Mass Gain

Mass Gain

Being underweight is a problem affecting a large part of our society. People would like to gain weight, but in a healthy & systematic manner. Some tips are given which will definitely help you in your desire to gain mass.

Mass Gain: Vital Facts

  • If you are thin & do not seem to gain mass, it is recommended that the first thing to do is to get your thyroid tested. The problem may get resolved with the treatment of thyroid.
  • Calories intake will have to be more than calories expenditure to increase mass. This would imply taking more number of meals, at least 6 in a day to ensure absorption of nutrients.

Diet Tips

  • Increase protein intake. Consume 2 gms of protein per kg of body weight per day. Example: If you weigh 45 kg, then consume 90 gm of protein per day.
  • Keep a control on intake of sugar & fat. Eat good quantities of fruits, vegetables & carbohydrates.
  • Plan on a gradual mass gain, rather than drastic increase. 2 kg per month is a reasonable mass gain target.

Exercise Tips

  • Increase anaerobic exercises. This implies doing exercises with higher resistance and lower number of repetitions. For upper body exercises repetitions possible with resistance should not be more than 12 & for lower body not more than 15.
  • Reduce aerobic exercises, like running, cycling & swimming. In case you play games involving vigorous running, like Basketball, Football, Squash or Hockey then reduce the duration of play to not more than 45 min.
  • If exercise duration is more than 45 min, then eat a fruit like banana after 30-45 min of start of exercise. Post exercise, protein & carbohydrate should be consumed within 30 min of finishing the exercise.

Mass Gain: Final Words

Don’t fall for any ‘magic diets’ or products. There are no such products! Prepare a healthy natural diet & exercise plan to gain 2 kg per month & adhere to it patiently. Desired results will come!
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