Why You May Never Get Government Job?

Why You May Never Get Government Job?

If you obtained below 65% marks in 12th, then became an engineer from a private engineering college, are presently unemployed and are preparing for government job, this blog,Why You May Never Get Government Job?  is written for you and your parents’ knowledge.

Organized Sector Jobs: 6%

Please see the diagram above. Note that organized sector jobs, including government jobs in India are only 6%. From the perspective of statistics try to understand that your chances of getting a government job are extremely low.

Don’t Waste Time in Government Job Preparation!

It is very popular among the youth to not seek employment and waste time in preparing for government jobs. By doing this the most probable results will be the following:

  • You will not get the job you are trying for.
  • You will waste precious time and money.
  • Your chances of getting employment which were better immediately after completion of engineering would reduce.

Solution: Get a Job!

Please start efforts to get a job before completing your education degree. Ideally you should get a job immediately after your final exams. In case that does not work out you should get a job within 6 months of the final exams. Please do not be very choosy about the nature of the job you may get. Be happy that you are getting a job! Work sincerely in the job you get to get promoted and justify the salary the organization pays you. Once you have a job in hand keep making efforts to try to get the dream government job that you aspire for, but may never get!
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  1. its very disheartening to read such demotivating blog on a platform where student look up for guidance and motivation. with all due respect to writer who is very practical in his views, yes there are less jobs and its very difficult to get a government job these days but its not impossible also. given one is ready to put in hard work and efforts needed. problem nowadays is everyone wants everything very quickly and its quite evident from your blog that you have the same perception regarding things around you. a person who want a government job will put in efforts and get it. people not only from ordinary graduate background even students from elite colleges take time to crack these exams. everyone has his level of preparedness,strengths and weaknesses. so if you cannot help someone at least don’t demotivate them. the data you have presented show the no. of jobs in different sectors but what you derived from it concerns me instead of saying these are the no. of jobs in various sectors where one can put in efforts and get them, you choose the later and used data to show the difficulties and ended the article with you may not get ,that is very disappointing.

    • To the above comment of sidharth, its upto a person to get demotivated or to feel enlightened after reading the blog. It is very pleasing that you took time to read that blog and share your DEMOTIVATING thoughts on a platform like this.
      In the blog, the importance is given to TIME and valuable MONEY of our parents. The stats presented are about workforce that India has. Sir Nehru has constant views that for achieving your goal, you do not have to sacrifice the current opportunity which is followed same in this blog.
      So, if a person guides you by talking practically and having experince in the field you better not comment in a negative way.
      And afterall, if a person believes in himself or herslelf there is nothing in this world that can demotivate that person.

    • Hi Sidharth,
      No offence, you are correct, who so ever has will power to get government job will definitely do hard work, prepare well and crack the exam. But at the same time, please do not consider this blog as demotivational, instead consider it as motivation to get a job, may be of not your interest and at the same time keep preparing for your dream job. If you are working, it keeps you active. Further, if you don’t like your current job, it will give you more motivation to work harder to get your desired job. If you sit at home and concentrate only on preparation, it may hinder your personality development which automatically have been developed if you being in job. Few failures may result in frustration if you are not working and only sitting at home and preparing for Government jobs. These are my personal views, I request you not to get offenced.

      • I completely agree with Mr. Baljinder, studying while on the job increases competency of the person. We all would have realized the government officers are not competent enough as private workers or very lazy in work as compared to private workers. One of the reason for this attitude is sitting and studying without having job or practical exposure about people. This will destroy ones potential. In simple terms if you (Govt Employee) dont know your customer (People and Public) how can one will serve better.

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