More Autonomy for CBI?

Question: CJI said that the CBI should have more autonomy. What is your view?


Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The truest test of a democracy is in the ability of anyone to act as he likes, so long as he does not injure the life or property of anyone else.” I agree with the CJI. There is no reason to contest the statement at all. We need independence of the following for democracy to function effectively:

  • Judiciary.
  • CBI.
  • RBI.
  • Election Commission.
  • Lok Pal.
  • Media.
  • Armed forces.
  • Examination conducting bodies.
  • Parliament (implying that use of bribes & threats of raids of CBI, tax, false cases, etc, as has been the past strategy & greatly accentuated now by Modi to reduce independence of Parliament & get all laws passed without any check).
  • CAG.
  • NSSO.

The sad truth is that what the CJI says will have no impact. India is a sham democracy today. We can celebrate the fact that we are a shade better than Pakistan. The following recent events are a proof of what I say:

  • Removal of Article-370 without any role of the people of J&K in the discussion.
  • Letting off of the accused in Pehlu Khan murder & murders & rapes in Muzaffarnagar.
  • Unnao case of rape & murder by BJP MLA.
  • Weakening of the RTI Act.
  • UAPA amendement Act.

Since you have read this longish answer till this point, please read a littel more.

Danny Boyle had made the Oscar winning movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”. Jamal, the protagonist of the movie, had learnt all the right answers to life in India from the streets and slums. However, Jamal had to use a life line to get an answer to the question of the meaning of “Satyameva Jayate” or “truth alone triumphs”. For just this one thing I salute the genius of Boyle because in India truth seems to be losing & that is why Jamal could not have known the answer!

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