Motivating ourselves to accomplish Goals

Motivating ourselves to accomplish Goals

We understood the concept of motivation in Part 1. In Part 2 we will  learn about motivating ourselves to accomplish goals. This will help us to energize our daily lives.

Staying Fit

We all want to be fit, but rarely are we able to define what it means in specific terms. Usually it would be advice from Doctor, or self image, often without a clear target. Let us see how we can make our motivation stronger in this case. It is important to have a well defined, measurable clear goal.
A         I could lay down a goal like running 10 km in 40/50/60 minutes in 3 months. If I achieve this then my weight loss goal would get automatically achieved, without having taken recourse to any popular (mostly unhealthy diet plans). I would be healthier and stronger.
B          I could have a goal of “NOT FALLING ILL”, because I have to look after my family & set an example for them. To attain this goal I have to exercise regularly & control my food intake: (ALTRUISTIC MOTIVE).
C          I could develop a love for exercising (INTRINSIC MOTIVATION) & combine it with a need to not fall ill and set an example (ALTRUISTIC MOTIVE). This will be a very strong motivating force.


Often students link studies only with passing exams, with no relationship with future life, which is a very weak motive. I should realize the value of knowing the subject in future life.
A         Realize that in the career which I intend to pursue to look after my family, knowing Math is essential: (ALTRUISTIC MOTIVE).
B          I study Math because I like Math, passing exams is incidental: (INTRINSIC MOTIVATION).
C          I can tell myself that I like challenges. If I find Math difficult, then it is a challenge to be overcome!
D               I should strive to get a combination of the above two motivational forces to succeed in knowing the subject.

Learn History

Realize that to work effectively as an IAS officer it would be essential for me to have this background knowledge to take day to day decisions in my chosen future career. It is not useless information to be acquired just to clear an exam: (ALTRUISTIC MOTIVE). I could love History for its sake (INTRINSIC MOTIVATION). Best would of course be to develop a combination of above motivating forces

Daily Work

Even in this case, like other issues we can get our motivation to energize us.


So whenever you face problems of motivation like the ones discussed, or unique to your case, you should examine your motives deeply & get them aligned correctly. I assure you will feel energized to accomplish your goals.

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