Nagaland- Green hills & fiercely independent People! (Part-4)

Nagaland- Green hills & fiercely independent People! (Part-4)

I was a company commander in counter insurgency operations in Konyak dominated Mon District of Nagaland in 1991-92.  Later I was involved in coordinating operations & intelligence at Kohima in 1995-97. A cease fire was signed by the Indian union with NSCN (IM) in 1997.

Current Status

There is a ceasefire agreement in force since 1997. Naga Peace talks began between representatives of the Indian government and the NSCN-IM’s founder-leaders, Isak Chishi Swu and Thuingaleng Muivah.  In  October 2012, NSCN-IM was reported to have agreed to surrender arms in exchange for an interim political solution within the Constitution. It was reported that NSCN (IM) agreed to drop its demands for Nagalim, integrating Naga-inhabited areas in Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, and of redrawing boundaries. As part of the agreement, Nagaland would get a separate State flag and the Assembly will be renamed “Tatar Hoho” and a pan-Naga social body will be formed. Article 371A will have to be amended, under which no Act of Parliament applies to Nagaland.NSCN (K), led by Khaplang is continuing with insurgent activities. The recent ambush in Manipur in Jun 2015 was a work of NSCN (K).

Personal Observations
  • There is great gender equality.
  • Crimes against women are a rare.
  • Milk & milk products are practically not consumed.
  • Rural folk are generally quite fit- because they have to walk large distances.
  • Most rural teenagers stay in Moroungs & are influenced more by their senior teenagers than their parents.
  • Majority of rural folk are very simple & very honest. (We used to hold Volleyball matches with the villagers & if I kept my Sikh soldier as referee, he would invariably cheat. If we had a local villager as referee he would never cheat!).
  • Naga politicians & bureaucrats are so corrupt that they can teach corruption to their counterparts of other states of India!
  • No ego issues with Nagas: During my stay it was not uncommon to have Ministers come & request for 2-4 bottles of rum from me! (It is a dry state).
  • Hypocrisy: CM was Jamir, during my tenures. He was really fond of drinking & hosted parties where liquor was freely served. His wife led the movement against consumption of liquor!
  • Kohima is the only state capital which does not have a publicly displayed bust of Gandhiji (It was placed & was desecrated at night). An empty triangle still stands!


We wish eternal peace and prosperity to Nagaland- Green hills & fiercely independent People!


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