No Frills Academy Guidance Program Helps in Studies/Work

No Frills Academy Guidance Program Helps in Studies/Work

There are many students who tell/ask me the following questions:

  • I want to take your guidance but I am under pressure of exams and hence will start later.
  • I am under work pressure so I can’t start your guidance now?
  • I am now free for 2 weeks so please train me for SSB!
  • Will your guidance program interfere with my study/work routine?

To answer such questions and clarify as to why my guidance program does not interfere with your routine life and actually helps you become more effective in whatever you are doing I have written this blog.

Essence of No Frills Academy Guidance Program

The essence of No Frills Academy guidance program is to make you more effective in your life. SSB clearance is incidental and not the prime focus. The philosophy is,
“By overcoming your weaknesses you increase your chances of success in life, including SSB”

Example: Student X

We will take an example to clarify the guidance methodology. Student X is assessed as having the salient weaknesses:

  • Physically unfit.
  • Poorly organized lifestyle.
  • Poor time management.
  • Poor communication skills.

No Frills Academy will devise a plan for Student X to overcome these problems by changing his habits and improving upon the weaknesses over a period of time, but not in 2 weeks! Student X will continue to do whatever he was doing earlier, but better!  The above stated improvements will make Student X more effective and successful in his life as a student or a worker. If Student X is a Defence aspirant then his chances of clearing SSB will increase.

Assured Benefits for Students

While we work to reform his habits he continues with his study/work and becomes more proficient in that as well. He does not waste any time in any exclusive coaching class or program. He just focuses on becoming more proficient in whatever that he is doing. Student X benefits greatly in life, irrespective of whether he clears SSB or not!

Ideal for Women/Professionals

The guidance program is ideal for women/professionals due to the following benefits:

  • No movement out from home/work place.
  • No requirement of attending any classes in any batches, etc.
  • Guidance available at timings convenient to the individual.


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