No Frills Academy,SSB Success Story of Kushal Khatri

No Frills Academy,SSB Success Story of Kushal Khatri

SSB Success Story of Kushal Khatri- No Frills Academy’s Version

This is the SSB success story of Kushal Khatri/ No Frills Academy.

Kushal Khatri, (mob: 9818655182; email: had been to SSB 5 times earlier. He cleared SSB from 18 SSB Allahabad now. He was a student at No Frills Academy. I congratulate him on behalf of other students of No Frills Academy and myself! Few things which helped Kushal succeed and improve are:

  • He accepted the personality weaknesses as assessed by me.
  • He worked sincerely as per my guidance.
  • With systematic effort he showed consistent improvement.

SSB Success Story of Kushal Khatri in his Words

This is the message he has for other students and potential students of No Frills Academy:

“First of all, I would love to thank No Frills Academy for everything to help me succeed!

Initially, I would say that I had no clear knowledge as to how to proceed and in which direction to proceed, to improve myself. I am sure there are so many others like me who are willing to improve but do not know:

  • What to do?
  • How to do?

 No Frills Academy helped me to identify my weaknesses. I received a plan to improve on all my weaknesses.

Simple tips, slight changes in everyday schedule, setting and achieving weekly goals and monthly goals to improve my written and oral communication, GK and fitness made me gradually improve and become more confident. These small, consistent steps made a huge positive change in my personality.

I was pleasantly surprised to know the value of my learning when it proved to be enough for me to get recommended!

Thank you No Frills Academy and Nehru Sir!

You too can succeed! Don’t focus on the SSB process. Just focus on personal improvement as guided by Nehru Sir!”


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