OIR Test Important in SSB

OIR Test Important in SSB

I have been told by many students that OIR test conducted during screening in of SSB is of no consequence for deciding the candidates being screened in. I found the idea so stupid that I ignored the topic. Considering the large number of SSB aspirants who share this misconception I am writing this blog: “OIR Test Important in SSB”.

What is OIR?

OIR test is a written exam consisting of a verbal and a non-verbal section, each having approximately 50 questions each in a limited time. The verbal section includes topics like jumbled words, multiple choice questions, synonyms and antonyms, one word substitution, common sense, mathematical logic and so on. The non- verbal section is based on logical tests like completion of series, locating the concealed figure and filling the correct figure. This is the first test conducted. PPDT is conducted afterwards.

OIR: Important for Screening In

After the test has been conducted the marks are compiled and the candidates categorized in blocks of OIR-1, 2, 3, 4 and lower in descending order of marks scored. There is no negative marking in the test as of now. Candidates who have scored below OIR-4 are NOT SCREENED IN irrespective of their performance in the PPDT.

Rationale for Importance of OIR Test

  • OIR test is conducted by the SSB.
  • It removes the disparities existing in the levels of various education boards and universities and assesses all the candidates in a written test of intelligence on a common platform.
  • It gives an assessment of the current intelligence rating of the candidates.

OIR Performance Relevance

OIR performance apart from the significance in screening in influences the assessment of the psychologist as well as the interviewing officer. The information is entered in the PIQ form and is available to the assessors.

What should Aspirants Do?

  • Realize that OIR is important and by regular practice performance can be improved.
  • Know that considering OIR as irrelevant for screening in is stupid because it is important.
  • Efforts should be made to get a rating of OIR-2 to keep chances of screening in high.


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