Overcome fear of Mathematics

Overcome fear of Mathematics

In Part 1, we analyzed the reasons for the fear of Mathematics. In Part 2, we shall study the ways to overcome the fear and gain proficiency in Mathematics.

Suggestions for Parents and Students to overcome fear of Mathematics
  • Explain to the children the value of knowing the subject & vast utility of Mathematics in diverse fields in life. In fact without an understanding of Mathematics a person can in some ways be considered as illiterate. This will ensure that the motivation to learn the subject is right.
  • Understand the approach of the teachers & do not focus energy towards it because this is an aspect on which they have ‘NO CONTROL’. Parents & students should try to make the subject more interesting by seeking practical application of Mathematical knowledge.
  • Do not fear the subject, & realize that inability to solve some problems is perfectly normal & actually good for mental growth.
  • Do regular practice. This is vital for proficiency in the subject.
  • Parents, particularly mothers, have time to play with children. This is very good from the perspective of growth as well as family bonding. Mathematics games can also be made a part of play routine. Children who have grown up playing with Mathematics will never grow up to fear the subject. Their childhood days will always associate Mathematics with fun.
  • I have not seen a child give up a sport because he finds some aspects difficult. In fact such a challenge is a good motivator to master any skill. The same logic applies to Mathematics as well! Parents and teachers should see it from that perspective.
  • Parents and students should seek absolute clarity of the concepts & forgo marks’ obsession.
Suggestions for Teachers
  • Explain the value of the subject and practical application of the concepts being taught.
  • Try to make the subject interesting by using practical examples.
  • Have patience with the slow students and do not scare them. Let them learn at their pace.
  • Focus on understanding and do not teach methods to mug up and score marks.


Overall efforts should be made to understand the value of Mathematics and make Mathematics learning a fun and challenging activity requiring regular practice!

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