Pakistani Terrorist Captured from Udhampur, J&K

Pakistani Terrorist Captured from Udhampur, J&K

Akin to the capture of Ajmal Kasab, Usman from Faisalabad, a Pakistani terrorist was captured on 05 Aug 2015 from Udhampur, J&K. Let us analyse the implications of this news: “Pakistani Terrorist Captured from Udhampur, J&K”

 Terrorist Captured-One More Evidence of Pakistan Sponsoring Terrorism

Pakistani terrorist captured from Udhampur, J&K is just one more evidence of Pak role in terrorism. The world has enough evidence of Pakistan sponsoring terrorism. Osama Bin Laden was staying securely in Pakistan is evidence enough. The cooperation between Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISI is well known. ISI is an organ of Pakistan Army and thus the state of Pakistan. Thanks to the involvement of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, Pakistani support to terrorism is well known to the world. This is another piece of small evidence. Some of us in India will be quite pleased that we will now be able to call Pakistan’s bluff and show to the world the evidence obtained from this Pakistani terrorist captured. Nothing like that will happen. The situation will remain unchanged. Let us see why.

Terrorist Captured-Pakistan will Deny her Role

When Pakistan can deny the role of the state in the Kargil war, this is a very small thing to deny!

Pakistan’s dilemma & Internal Conflict

Pakistan has several serious problems. The major problems are:

  • The idea of creation of a religious state is a problem for democratic functioning. The idea itself suggests that laws enacted by the parliament should be subordinated to “Sharia”, the law made by “Allah”.
  • India managed to hurt Pakistani pride by facilitating Bangladesh’s independence (Shameful surrender of Pakistani Army) and gaining control of undemarcated areas in Siachen. Pakistani Army failed in Kargil. The Pakistani Army wants revenge badly.
  • Conventional war is too costly and cannot be conducted in the present environment.
  • There is a large section of the population which is fed up with violence and desires peace with India and is willing to accept the status-quo. Their desire is manifest in the peace talks and improved relations with India.
  • The religious fundamentalists and the Army want to capture Kashmir.
Resultant Pakistani Relations with India
  • The civilian government holds peace talks.
  • The Army supported by the religious fundamentalists sponsor terrorism.
Implications of Pakistani Terrorist Captured from Udhampur, J&K

Capture of Pakistani terrorist from Udhampur, J&K will not change the situation in any way as regards Indo-Pak relations. India has to wait patiently for the internal Pakistani war to be won by the peace desiring civilian population before anything can change.

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