Pakistani Terrorists’ Attacks in India

Pakistani Terrorists’ Attacks in India

There have been Pakistani terrorists’ attacks in India in Udhampur and Gurdaspur recently. Such activities have been going on since long and will continue in the future.

India has to learn lessons from these Pakistani terrorists’ attacks to counter such attempts in the future.

Pakistan comprises two States

Pakistan comprises two states:

  • First State. Civilian majority ( First State) which desires peace and is ready to accept the status-quo with India. This constituency wants cooperation and closer economic and cultural ties. Unfortunately it does not control the foreign policy.
  • Second State. Army, supported by the religious fundamentalists ( Second State) wants to capture Kashmir. The method adopted by them is continuous conflict through terrorists and border incidents. They desire to instigate Indian hardliners to raise the level of the conflict. The Second State controls the foreign policy at present.

Indian Response to Counter Pakistani terrorists’ attacks

  • Intelligence.India needs to improve intelligence to pre-empt such incidents to minimise losses.
  • Border Guarding. India needs to improve border guarding to prevent infiltration.
  • Guarding of Vulnerable Areas and Vulnerable Points. India needs to improve guarding of vulnerable areas and vulnerable points susceptible to terrorists’ attacks by:
    • Improved training of the Police and CRPF.
    • Improved equipment of the Security Forces.
  • Political Action. India needs to refrain from getting provoked into raising the level of the conflict by undertaking cross border strikes as suggested by some hardliners. India must continue the process of engagement to strengthen the hands of the peace seeking majority in Pakistan. India’s support is vital for this constituency to gain adequate strength to be able to wrest the control of foreign policy from the hands of the Army, supported by the religious fundamentalists.

Conclusion- India’s Response to Pakistani Terrorists’ Attacks

Restraint is essential  as a response to Pakistani terrorists’ attacks in India. Pakistani terrorists’ attacks and border incidents will only increase with an aim to disrupt peace efforts. India must not get provoked. Indian hardliners have been prevented from influencing the foreign policy. This approach should continue. With Pakistan we are in for a long haul.

We need to suffer provocation with restraint in our own long term interest!

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