Passage of Aadhar Bill Great for India!

Passage of Aadhar Bill Great for India!

Aadhar Bill was passed as a money bill by the Lok Sabha in the budget session. This is great for India as it will bring tremendous benefits. The opposition to the bill lacked any serious logic and was primarily aimed at obstructing government’s functioning. This blog discusses the Aadhar Bill passage and the frivolous opposition.


Aadhar means basis. It is the basis on which the public delivery system can be built.The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a central government agency of India. Its objective is to collect and store the biometric and demographic data of Indian residents and issue a 12 digit code called AADHAR to them. It was established in 2009 under Nilekani.
In December 2010, the UPA government introduced the National Identification Authority of India (NIDAI) Bill in parliament. The Bill was meant to provide legislative backing to UIDAI.The Bill was referred to a standing committee on finance, headed by BJP leader Yashwant Sinha, which took evidence from several sources. The committee deemed the Bill unacceptable and suggested a re-consideration of the scheme as well as the draft legislation.

Passage of Aadhar Bill 2016

Aadhar Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha as a money bill in the recent budget session. This was a deliberate move by the government to prevent obstruction by the opposition. I am convinced that this manipulation by the government was a good move in national interest.


  • Benefits related to schemes such as (Food and Nutrition)-Public Distribution Scheme ,food security ,(Employment) –MNREGA, Indira Awaas Yojana will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of affected individuals which will be linked to their AADHAR numbers.
  • Thousand of crores of money can be saved and individuals benefited timely.
  • States will be able to distribute the resources to the deserving people and scope for leakage of scarce money to the corrupt will be eliminated.
  • Targeted subsidy through AADHAR to LPG consumers has already saved 15000 crores of public fund.
  • It will make governance transparent and more efficient.

Opposition to Aadhar Bill-Privacy and Security Issues

The opposition to the Aadhaar scheme stems from the fears surrounding the issues of personal liberty and national security. Another concern is the possibility of the centralised database being handed over to other governments or enemies by someone who works closely with it. There are enough safeguards to allay such fears. The reasons are considered frivolous. They become meaningful in that when BJP was in the opposition it obstructed the passage of practically the same bill and the opposition is now playing ‘tit for tat’.


The passage of Aadhar Bill is in India’s interest and hence it is good. Political parties have greater focus on winning elections and opposing each other at the expense of national interests. Discerning citizens should note this attitude.

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  1. Many of the politician in his party interest, puts nation at risk and destroys country resources example like 2G scam. Any how passage of this Aadhar bill is good to avoid misexpenses of public money.

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