Payal Bhatia’s Story Rated Best!



Payal Bhatia’s Story Rated Best!

Story written by Payal Bhatia on a photo shown earlier is given below:

Nikhil Creates New App

 Nikhil was an MIT graduate, working on a project of 3D Technology, and Virtual Reality. He had developed a prototype of an application using the technology which targeted connecting a large pool of students at different locations in a single virtual classroom simultaneously. The classes were of a practical nature.
Nikhil’s project was inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s project in Digital India to connect remote areas of India and provide them education and other basic services.

Mark’s Appreciation

Nikhil is shown presenting his project in front of the R&D department of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg too has joined the meeting to motivate him and  is immensely impressed by his endeavor to bring  a wide spectrum of population, including the remote and  underprivileged people  on  a common platform and provide them practical, cutting edge education to skill them at par with the best in the world.

 Revolutionize Education in India


Mark shares Nikhil’s enthusiasm in the belief that the project will revolutionize education in India! 

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