Covid hit me in Sep 20. It took me two months to be able to walk 10 km in approximately 2 hours & 15 min. By Dec I had restarted playing Tennis and exercising. By Mar 21 I was feeling fairly fit. Then at the end of March, I had a right shoulder injury and found it difficult to even shave or break a morsel of bread. The Covid second wave brought things to a standstill but I could run & remain regular with that.

Tennis restarted in Jul and I was serving under-hand because of my shoulder. By Aug I had begun to serve overhead. However, my serve did not have the usual bite. Rightly so, as I could not do even one pull-up till Aug.

My problems with the lower back had prevented me from squatting with weights for about 4 years. I was having a serious deficiency of Calcium and Vitamin D. I had begun taking these supplements in Dec and by Jan improvement had begun.

Perseverance seems to be paying off. I can now do 8 chin-ups and squat up to 60 kg. My serve has become more potent and court speed has improved. In a club tournament at the beginning of Oct, I found myself decently competitive.

I expect to bring up my strength to do up to 13-15 chin-ups and squat up to 90 kg by mid-November. I am gearing up to play my first ITF tournament then, after a long break & hope to be competitive.

Hoping to remain injury-free and build upon the present fitness level. By Jan 22 I expect to be in a position to win Tennis tournaments.  At 61 I will be competing with guys above 60 & am likely to be good enough for that age. Persistence pays!

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