Personal Interview in SSB

Personal Interview in SSB

The Interviewing officer has your Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) form, which provides him the base for interview. He starts talking in a relaxed manner to make you feel comfortable. He then asks you a series of questions to which you are expected to answer in the same sequence. He keeps asking small questions in between. He again asks you a series of questions, to be replied as earlier. A term created by repeaters is, “rapid fire” questions. There is no such thing. It is term coined to enhance anxiety and is nonsense!


  • Be relaxed and confident of being selected.
  • Write only truth in the PIQ form, without exaggeration.
  • Listen carefully to the questions, without getting excited. Answer the questions in the sequence asked.
  • Have good knowledge about your favorite subjects, sports, hobbies, etc. If you say that you have read a book, or seen a movie, or TV program, then you should know about it well.


Tips for PIQ form

Some common stupid mistakes in filling of form:
  • If you have read 2 books in life, then reading should not be considered as your hobby.
  • If you have played Badminton for one month prior to SSB, then do not write it under games.
  • If you have neither any serious hobby, nor played any game with any degree of seriousness, (which is true for 80% of candidates) please leave the columns blank. The truth will in any case get known and cause embarrassment and only lower chances of selection!

Be prepared to explain organization of an event from your hobbies, sports or extra -curricular activities, you have been involved in.


Interview is the most relaxed part of the SSB process. Remain attentive and relaxed for best performance.

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  1. Sir I have got one qs.Please clear this one also….
    does having NCC helps a person in ssb personal interview??

    • What are your abilities will help you. Having undergone NCC training will be of practically no help.

      • What are your abilities will help you. Having undergone NCC training will be of practically no help.

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