PIQ Form in SSB versus Resume in Corporate World

 PIQ Form in SSB versus Resume in Corporate World

There is great difference between the corporate world and the Defence Services. One element which brings out the difference in the cultures is the PIQ Form filling of SSB and preparing a resume for the corporate world. In this blog, “Filling of PIQ Form in SSB versus Resume in Corporate World” I have explained the salient differences.

Basic Purpose of Resume & PIQ Form is Same

The basic purpose of the resume and the PIQ form is the same, which is to know comprehensively about the past of a candidate.

 Manipulation in Resume

Resume writing is a big industry in the field of Human resource (HR) in the corporate world. This fact indicates that resume writing involves skills in presenting a candidate’s past in the best possible light. In simple words it means:

  • Exaggerating the positive points.
  • Hiding the negative points.

It helps in the corporate world because both of these aspects are an accepted norm, because the person interviewing you may himself be doing it, so he will accept it is as part of the game!

Manipulation in PIQ Form 

The attitude prevalent in the corporate world (which is a much larger society) has influenced the approach of filling of the PIQ form in SSB. I know it from the attitude of numerous students and candidates that I have interviewed. The approach is to exaggerate the positive points and cover up the negative points. The attitude which commenced from filling up of the form naturally extends to answering the questions posed in the interview. This approach lowers the chances of selection in SSB. See an example:
PIQ Form states:

  • Games: Badminton and Athletics.
  • Hobbies: Reading.

Interviewing officer finds the truth that individual knows hardly anything about the games and has not read even a single book other than that prescribed in the syllabus. This leads the interviewer to conclude that:

  • The candidate tends to manipulate presentation of facts.
  • When the candidate’s knowledge/proficiency in the things written in the PIQ form is so shallow, then it is likely to be even worse in other aspects!

Only Facts in PIQ Form!

Please write only the truth in the PIQ form. It is more important to impress with your personality, and honesty rather than trying to impress with your PIQ form!

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  1. Sir,
    Isnt it possible for a candidate who had played badminton n do run everyday to have a hobby of reading newspapers n some novels of interest.
    How can the interviewer be so short sighted in assessing the candidate based on his PIQ

    • Interviewing officers are neither short sighted, nor incompetent. Candidates often maybe having such problems. In case what you have written in PIQ form is correct there is no problem. In case it is false & you have written it just to impress, you will not succeed in impressing the IO.

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