Popular Exercise & Food Myths

Popular Exercise & Food Myths

My involvement with exercising and sports keeps me in touch with the youth. What I find most amusing is the popularity of some stupid myths which have no scientific reasoning or logic. It is laughable that they continue to be popular beliefs even today! I am enumerating them for the benefit of exercise beginners to prevent them from being misled by popular exercise & food myths..

Sweating Causes Weight Loss

People wear warm clothing to exercise and increase sweating in the hope of reducing weight. This is stupid! Exercise can reduce weight. However, sweating can cause dehydration, but not weight loss, or fat reduction.

If you are slim, then first you should increase fat & then exercise to convert fat to muscle

This is absolute nonsense! By increasing resistance training and protein intake you can increase muscle mass. Fat can never be converted into muscle.

Bananas make you fat

Banana is an ideal fruit to be consumed pre exercise, during and post exercise. It is easily digestible, releases sugar slowly in the blood stream, has fibre, potassium and is alkaline. It aids bowel movement and is a natural antacid. It is an excellent fruit and does not make a person fat.

Doing Chin ups will make you grow tall

Your height is determined primarily by your genes. Exercise and a balanced diet promote growth. However, doing chin ups cannot make anyone grow tall.

Drinking Water while Exercising causes Stomach-ache

When we play we sweat. The sweating is more pronounced in summers and humid weather. To replenish the loss of water hydration is important. We must drink water while exercising.

Girls should only lift light weights, or they will develop Big Muscles

Big muscles need hormonal support, which only rare few girls have (Serena Williams & Martina Navratilova).To build strength by resistance training a person should not be able to do more than 15 repetitions of the exercise. By using ½ kg & 1 kg dumbbells to exercise, girls are practically wasting their time! For further tips read my blog:


I request all exercise enthusiasts to use common sense and scientific knowledge in their lives and not be led by stupid myths like the ones given above!

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