Psychology of Incompetence of Indian Students

Psychology of Incompetence of Indian Students

The Indian education system is failing the Indian society. Parents, teachers and students have contributed to create this incompetent system. In this blog, “Psychology of Incompetence of Indian Students” I have attempted to explain the causes of the problem and suggested solutions.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy and extra Tuition Culture

Children are sent at a very early age for extra tuition classes by the parents because of their insecurity.  They feel that the child is incompetent to meet the competitive academic requirements of the society and he/she needs extra help to cope up. The harmful psychological impacts of this parental attitude on the child are as follows:

  • The child gets the message that he/she is inadequate to match the society. In due course this self fulfilling prophecy ruins the child’s life.
  • The child grows into an adult who is incompetent and lacks confidence.
  • The child is constantly seeking help and support and lacks the requisite independence.

Children Imbibe Inefficiency & Incompetence

A child gets used to the following from a very young age:

  • Doing things with the help of tutors what he should have done independently.
  • Taking more time than required to complete assignments.

As this diffident, incompetent and inefficient child grows he/she is scared of facing the board examinations of 10th/12th. The parents are scared even more and constantly transfer their negative energy (of insecurity) to the child. The child who has avoided all extracurricular activities since a very young age, initially because of perceived incompetence and in due course of life due to genuine incompetence, gets even deeper into extra tuitions and cannot even think of participating in any extracurricular activity.
Thus we get Indian children who have the following common weaknesses:

  • Incompetent and inefficient.
  • Lack all round development.
  • Lack sporting ability and physical fitness.
  • Lack confidence.

Is there a Solution?

There is a very  simple solution. It requires a change of mindset.

The parents should do the following:
  • Have faith that their child is competent to compete with the best in the society without any extra help. This faith will infuse the required confidence in the child to believe that he/she can cope with everything without any extra help.
  • Allow the child to handle most of the problems of life, including academics without providing any help and not providing extra tuition classes. This will make the child more resilient to cope with later life.
The children should do the following:
  • Give up any feelings of inadequacy and try to tackle all problems they confront without seeking any outside support. Tell their parents that they do not need extra tuition classes and stop these totally.
  • Start becoming more efficient in studying, participating in extracurricular activities and taking on greater responsibilities at home.


By following the simple advice given above we can have much more competent, efficient, happier, confident and responsible youth.
Note: If you like this blog, “Psychology of Incompetence of Indian Students” then please request your parents also to read it.

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