Psychology Tests: Mistakes to Avoid

Psychology Tests: Mistakes to Avoid

Some mistakes are made by SSB aspirants in psychology tests primarily because of wrong teachings on websites and coaching academies. I am highlighting them for the benefit of my students and visitors to No Frills Academy.

TAT in SSB Test

Example in a photo it is shown that one boy is drowning in a canal and one person is standing on the bank with a rope in hand. It is one of the simplest of photos to write a story about describing as to how the man saved the boy from drowning using the rope. The wrong thing the ‘over coached’ candidates do is that before describing as to how the boy was saved by the man they will write the following types of meaningless preambles before writing the story:
“Ramesh was a young man working in a big enterprise in a major city. He was a compassionate man, with keen intellect and initiative. He was highly admired by his juniors and seniors alike for his sense of professionalism, hard-work and team work. He had gained a high position in his company through dedicated effort. One day while Ramesh was walking by a canal he saw that a boy had slipped and accidentally fallen in the canal and was about to drown——“
The words written from, “Ramesh was — effort” show the following:

  • Impact of wrong coaching.
  • Any candidate who has not been wrongly coached cannot think of writing such words.
  • It is a waste of words and time and shows this trait about your personality.
  • This method of trying to show OLQs will not improve your performance in any way.


  • Please start writing the story from: “One day while—“ onwards.
  • When in doubt as to what to write just visualize as to what a candidate who has received no coaching or been misguided by the SSB websites would have visualized and written.

WAT in SSB Test

I have noticed a tendency by some candidates to display their GK in WAT. Examples:

  • Freedom: Bangladesh gained freedom on 01 Jan 1971.
  • Share: Cauvery water sharing was decided by the Prime Minister in 2016.

Please do not write such sentences because by doing so the candidate is likely to disclose that his GK is definitely poor, as has been shown by the above two examples.
Please write simple sentences. Do not try to impress with GK. Even if GK is great it will not provide any great credit in the psychology tests.


Please answer simple stories and sentences. Do not try to impress with knowledge of OLQs or GK. Whenever in doubt write a story or sentence which would have been written by a candidate who has never received any coaching or been influenced by any SSB website.

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  1. very practical advice illustrated in a lucid way and revealing an insider’s point of view whom the all tests are intended for

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