Psychology Tests in SSB

Psychology Tests in SSB

Psychology tests arouse the greatest of interest among SSB aspirants. Aspirants waste maximum time on preparing for psychology tests. From the nature of questions asked by aspirants I realize that there are a large number of misconceptions about this test. In this blog I have tried to clarify the major misconceptions about psychology tests in SSB.

Psychology Tests Must be Viewed Holistically

SSB aspirants focus on individual aspects of the test. They focus separately on WAT, SRTs, TAT and self description. They try to plan strategy to excel in them. They are unable to understand any connection between them. From the perspective of the assessor there is little relevance of isolated responses.  The assessor constructs a holistic and cohesive profile of the individual based on the consistency of responses. All the 15 OLQs are assessed in this way. Inconsistent and coached responses will have no positive impact on the assessment. Such responses get ignored.

Some Idea about  Assessment Method

It requires no psychological genius to assess qualities like communication skills in English. The quality of language written is in front of the assessor! Your vocabulary, spellings, grammar and expression are available for assessment.
Reasoning ability is assessed based on the understanding and logic apparent in understanding photos in TAT and situations in SRTs.
If a candidate leaves a large portion of the test unanswered it clearly shows:

  • Low level of ‘speed of decision making’.
  • Low level of mental stamina.

If a candidate consistently only reports matters to authority and waits for others to do something and avoids personal action to resolve problems in TAT and SRTs then his leadership abilities and courage maybe of a low order.
If a candidate chooses difficult and long names for main characters like, ‘ Ajay Thakur’ and ‘Sumitro Banerjee’ instead of ‘Ram’ and ‘Shyam’ in TAT, I will have reasons to assess his reasoning ability and organising his time management in life to be of a low order!

Value of Understanding Assessment Method

The above information is given just to explain that consistent patterns display the true personality. It is not possible for candidates to discern consistency in their responses to assess qualities. This job can be done only by experts.

What Should Candidates Do to Improve Chances of Selection?

  • Candidates should work to improve their written English as it definitely impacts their selection.
  • Some candidates are unnecessarily concerned about handwriting. It is no criterion for selection. This is not a primary school test!
  • Candidates must work to improve their all round personalities. Once the personality has been improved the consistent quality of responses would also improve, thus enhancing the chances of selection.


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