Quitting Job to Prepare for SSB

Quitting Job to Prepare for SSB

Quite a few professionals think of leaving their job and preparing for SSB. Since it is a very bad idea and absolutely not advised I am writing this blog on the subject: Quitting Job to Prepare for SSB- Very Poor Idea!

Quitting Job to Prepare for SSB is Not Required

  • SSB is a comprehensive test of personality. Personality evolves best by leading your routine life well and not by any specific preparation.
  • Since no specific preparation is required by quitting your job you will only be wasting your time!

Lowering Chances of Selection by Quitting Job!

By quitting your job, rather than improving your chances of selection, you would be lowering them. These are the reasons:

  • Most jobs can be understood well only when you start doing them. All jobs have good and bad points. When you are working the bad points strike you more. There are indicators about your personality that you may feel the same way about Services in case you join them! It may indicate a lack of perseverance.
  • It may display that you are a quitter and incapable of going through difficult times. The action may indicate lack of willpower, determination and mental strength.
  • Quitting the job and depending upon your parents’ income shows a lack of responsibility towards your family and the society because a grown up adult is supposed to contribute towards the family’s income and work productively for the society.
  • Services do not hire people who waste their time!

Final Word: Don’t Quit Job to Prepare for SSB
Continue doing your work and simultaneously prepare to join the Defence Services. This is the best option. Quitting your job will definitely lower your chances of selection in SSB!

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