Reduction of Black Money in India

Reduction of Black Money in India

In the first blog about black money we had concluded that it will continue to be a part of the Indian system for the next 20 years definitely. It will reduce gradually, but will never be totally eliminated. Let us see the factors which will contribute to Reduction of Black Money in India.

Corruption by the Central Cabinet Ministers

As per reputation, the present PM is not himself corrupt. He has publicly stated that he will not allow corruption as well. No cases of corruption in dealings at the level of central cabinet ministers have come to light in the NDA government. This trend will continue. This will be a major contributor to  Reduction of Black Money in India because corruption starts top down. Even if NDA loses the next parliamentary elections, this trend will be irreversible.

Lokpals at Centre and States

In the next 5-7 years ‘Lokpals’ will become a part of the centre and state governance. This will, however, not be easy. Public and media will have to keep pressurising the elected representatives to bring in the ‘Lokpals’. This will check corruption.

E Governance will  aid Reduction of Black Money in India

We have noticed how corruption has reduced by e- booking of railway tickets. This trend will increase and permeate to other administrative areas like property and vehicle registration. Passports and visa regime is getting cleaner by the day. Installation of CCTVs at interstate checkpoints will reduce extortion by government officials from truck operators carrying freight. Greater monitoring by vigilant public and media will reduce the bribes taken by the government officials. Public and media pressure will bring us to a stage where registration of FIRs will be possible on phone/internet in the next 10 years. Social security schemes like MNERGA would also have got linked to ‘ADHAAR CARD’, thus greatly reducing the scope for corruption.

Public Education will  aid Reduction of Black Money in India

Education and awareness levels will rise in the next 10-15 years. This will automatically reduce corruption and black money generation because it will not be easy for officials to get away with corrupt practices from the public eyes and media. The disdain shown by Kalmadi and Vadra on being accused of corruption will soon be a part of history.

Social Media will  aid Reduction of Black Money in India

The power of the social media will rise tremendously. ‘Citizen Journalists’ will report misdeeds in their respective areas of interest. This will pressurise the media to increase vigilance and reporting. Social media is the only tool which can bring the corruption of big corporate, who own the media houses, to public awareness.

What should ‘Aam Admi’ Do?

The ‘aam admi’ should realize his power in a democracy. He has an important role to play. He will have to realize the truth of democracy is that ‘Self serving Political leaders will always provide the worst acceptable governance’ to the ‘aam aadmi’. He will have to constantly keep raising the pressure to perform on the governments through all possible means- social media, ‘dharnas’, protests,etc to continuously raise the level of ‘worst acceptable’! This will be vital to Reduction of Black Money in India.

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