Reduction in Diwali Pollution

Reduction in Diwali Pollution

Saving the environment is important. Harassment of pets, children and the sick through air and noise pollution is unethical. Diwali is the biggest Indian festival and lighting candles and oil lamps and bursting crackers has been associated with it. Crackers form a Rs 6,000 crores industry, employing over 5 lac workers. India is losing approximately Rs 1000 crores of cracker business to illegally smuggled Chinese crackers. The above are some facts. The problem of pollution is important and needs resolution. In this blog the problem has been analyzed and practical ways suggested to overcome it.

Major Pollutants

  • Noise produced by crackers.
  • Smoke produced by crackers, oil lamps and candles.
  • Plastic wrappings of crackers and gifts.
  • Mess created after bursting crackers.

Legislative Means to Curb Diwali Pollution

Legislative means are difficult to impose in democratic societies like India, particularly when after winning elections political parties burst more crackers than any household. Still some legislation is warranted and can be imposed without attracting any public anger. These rules will greatly reduce pollution and also improve security during Diwali. The suggested rules are:

  • Designating open spaces for bursting crackers near housing societies.
  • Designating a time, like 10:30 pm, after which bursting of crackers will not be permitted.
  • Laying down the permissible decibel level for crackers.
  • Banning plastic wrappings for crackers and gifts.
  • Stricter curbs on illegal Chinese crackers.
  • Ensuring cleaning up of the mess created after the bursting of crackers.

Social Awareness Against Pollution

There has been an approximate 30% reduction in bursting of crackers due to social awareness. More can be done by educating the society through government and corporate promotion, particularly against the biggest pollutant crackers and reiteration of the facts about the harmful effects on:

  • Children,
  • patients suffering from respiratory ailments and
  • pets.

Social awareness can be enhanced through promotion against Chinese crackers, which contain the dangerous Potassium Chlorate (banned in India since 1990, thus giving the price advantage to Chinese crackers), use of plastic wrappings and promotion in the use of LEDs in favor of oil lamps and candles. Society must play a vital role in cleaning the mess caused by bursting crackers.

Next Diwali Say No to Crackers!

Next Diwali may be too close to expect any drastic change, but with concerted effort as suggested above India can definitely effect drastic reduction in air and noise pollution caused due to Diwali celebrations. We definitely need the change!

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