Responsible Parenting- Have faith in Children

Responsible Parenting- Have faith in Children

In my profession I interact a lot with students and also with parents. My blogs are skewed heavily in favour of students when compared with parents. Questions by some parents made me realize that I need to answer their concerns. I am thus starting the series, “Responsible Parenting”. In this first blog, “Responsible Parenting- Have faith in Children”  I explain the right attitude required of parents towards their children. Please read about a study given below.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy- Pygmalion Research in Classroom

The original research of Rosenthal and Jacobsen focused on an experiment at an elementary school where students took intelligence pre-tests. Rosenthal and Jacobsen then informed the teachers of the names of twenty percent of the students in the school who were showing “unusual potential for intellectual growth” and would bloom academically within the year. Unknown to the teachers, these students were selected randomly with no relation to the initial test. When tested eight months later, the selected students scored significantly higher.

Reason for the Phenomenon

  • The teachers’ attitude towards them was of high expectations.
  • They had faith in the high natural ability of the children.
  • Since they believed that the children were intelligent they did not give them any extra help to tackle difficult problems.
  • The children also had high self belief.
  • Whenever they confronted a difficult problem they backed themselves to solve it.

Vital Lessons for Parents

  • Have genuine faith in the ability of your children to compete with the society and the world. Remember your genuine faith is essential because only then the child’s self belief will be built. (For further clarification read my blog on ‘Body Language. Link is given below 🙂

  • Whenever you talk to the children affirm this faith.
  • Allow children to face difficult situations and solve problems by themselves and not provide any extra support. Trust me the support of your faith is all what is required.
  • Involve the children in solving domestic problems and shouldering domestic responsibilities.
  • Do not send the child for extra tuition classes and see him grow in competence at his own pace.

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