Sample Sentences for Word Association Test (WAT)

Sample Sentences for Word Association Test (WAT)

I have been asked by a large number of students to write sample sentences for WAT in a blog. I was not doing so because I was worried that it may encourage students to memorize and write these sentences. I have now given these samples because aspirants are in any case learning a lot of wrong things. Just note that these are simple and grammatically correct sentences. Please ignore all other advice about WAT.

Sample Sentences


  1. Help – Helping others spreads goodwill.
  2. Organize- Organized room is an indication of organized mind.
  3. Action- Action makes a man more agile.
  4. Determination- Determined man can achieve anything.
  5. Imagination- Imagination has no limits.
  6. Friends- Friends are the family we choose.
  7. Lively- Lively people are good company.
  8. Courage- Courageous men inspire generations.
  9. Mind- Mind is the most powerful human organ.
  10. Neighbour- Neighbours are good to you when you are good to them.
  11. Group- Group cohesion leads to success.
  12. Strength- Strength can be built with systematic effort.
  13. Reasonable- Reasonable prices attract customers.
  14. Sister- Sister is another form of mother.
  15. Speed- Speed often beats strength.
  16. Timid- Timid people cannot be great leaders.
  17. Knowledge- Knowledge is more powerful than money.
  18. Country- A strong country is made by honest citizens.
  19. Dependence- Dependence is often seen in old age.
  20. Brave- Brave men inspire men and children alike.
  21. Expression- Simple and clear expression is well understood.
  22. Emotions- Emotions are unique to everyone.
  23. Action- Action drives results.
  24. Health- Healthy lifestyle comes with discipline.
  25. Awareness- General awareness is improved by reading.


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