Sample Solutions in SRT

Sample Solutions in SRT

I had been resisting requests for posting samples of psychology tests for long. Recently I have posted samples of stories for TAT and sentences for WAT primarily because aspirants are receiving considerable misinformation through various sources. In keeping with the same logic, I am posting this blog. Please read these sample solutions to situations in SRT.
Please note the following points/ clarifications:

  1. It is sensible to give comprehensive solutions.
  2. It is not sensible to give long solutions.
  3. Effort should be made to solve maximum number of situations.
  4. Proactive outlook and action is better than reactive.
  5. Reactions displaying confidence and practical sense should be preferred over meek responses.
  6. The solutions are given below adhere to the above guidelines. Take them as guidelines and not ideal solutions.


Sample Solutions

 1) His captain was injured before a crucial match, he was asked to lead the team? He. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
He led the team to victory.
2) He was on his way to home and suddenly it started raining heavily? He. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
He ran fast & reached home.
3) You are an officer posted at the border & suddenly shelling happens from the other side, you. . . . . . . . . . . . .
You will order troops to stay in shell-proof bunkers, inform the CO & request for counter shelling.
4) You are in an unknown city and lost your purse. You need money. As a stranger how will u manage? . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I will ask my parents to send money through PayTm.
5) Your brother wants to get admission in a medical college but his marks fall short by 1% for admission. You…
You’ll ask him to try in other colleges where his marks are within cut-off.
6) You have to go to a city with cash to work but the way is dangerous as dacoits…… how will u manage to go?
I will avoid carrying cash and use the credit card.
7) He was traveling by train & suddenly a person snatches purse from lady & jumps out of train. . . .
He pulls chain, jumps down & catches the criminal, recover purse & handover criminal to police.
8) You are going to sign a contract suddenly u got news that one of your friend who had helped you once met an accident and is in ICU. you. . . . . . . . . .
You’ll sign the contract and then go to the hospital to meet a friend.
9) He had boarded a wrong train and came to know only when he was asked to pay money to TT. He……
He explained the situation to TT, apologized and took the right train.
10) He saw his girlfriend walking with another person on his way. He…
He trusted his friend and did nothing.
11) He was on his way to the railway station to catch a train; suddenly a car passes by and throws a person out of the running car. He………………..
He will help the person with the medical aid, inform police and then catch his train.
12) He was driving the bike without a helmet and the traffic police caught him. He……….
He apologized, paid fine and never repeated the mistake.
13) He was asked to organize the farewell party. He…..
He organized it well.
14) He was ironing his clothes when suddenly he received an electric shock and he noticed the wire burning.
He will turn the switch off, remove the plug & get the iron repaired.
15) He was in charge of the wireless board in a sailing ship which lost its communication with the coast. He. . . . .
He restored communication quickly.
16) In a discussion with your colleagues, you find your losing ground, you…….
You will agree to their better logic.
17) He was to appear for an exam and all of a sudden the curfew was imposed in that area, he………
He showed admit card to the police & took the exam.
18) He went for the picnic with his friends and on the way he had hot arguments with them. He…..
He will calm down the situation & enjoy the picnic.
19) There is a person who sells smuggled goods. You too, like many others, have purchased a wristwatch from him. But it doesn’t work. You……..
You’ll ask for the replacement.
20) Just two days before the semi‐finals of the bridge tournament, his partner was called by his parents and had to go out of station for an urgent work. He……..
He took another partner & won.
21) He was rather young when his father was killed in the war and later mother kidnapped by the rival group. He had no other relative. He………….
He approached the Police to get his mother back & register case against the criminals.
22) You are on the way to your home suddenly your bicycle got punctured. You…..
You’ll get down, walk with the cycle, get it repaired and ride back home.
23) He urgently needed of money. He…
He took it from parents.
24) During d exams his teacher threatened him to fail in examination. He…….
He prepared and performed well & ignored the empty threat.
25) You are getting late in reaching meeting. You would…
You would inform the organizer and reach at the earliest.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    I have a doubt in your response in SRT no.19
    “19) There is a person who sells smuggled goods. You too, like many others, have purchased a wristwatch from him. But it doesn’t work. You……..
    You’ll ask for the replacement.”
    Here you have just ask for the replacement and have not informed police about smuggled goods?
    Please explain this sir and do post many of such SRT sir they are truly enlightening.

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