‘Scarcity Mentality’ versus ‘Abundance Mentality’

 ‘Scarcity Mentality’ versus ‘Abundance Mentality’

Indian society is overly competitive. It has resulted in creation of a scarcity mentality’ in the society. This attitude or paradigm is responsible for the failure of a large number of candidates in SSB. Let us analyse as to why candidates having a ‘scarcity mentality’ fail SSB? Before we analyse the reasons it is essential to be clear as to what is ‘scarcity mentality’ and ‘abundance mentality.

 ‘Scarcity Mentality’ versus ‘Abundance Mentality’

‘Scarcity mentality’, as opposed to ‘abundance mentality’ is the paradigm of an individual who feels that in general there is a scarcity.  For such a person there is a scarcity of persons who will clear SSB, scarcity of food, scarcity of opportunities in life and anything that he/she considers important. This is the predominant psychological mindset of the individual. The paradigm is unsuited for teamwork and organizational success.  Examples of behaviour displaying ‘scarcity mentality’:

  • Since the individual is insecure about his getting screened in at SSB he will out shout others in PPDT discussion.
  • As a child he will not share his toys, but try to snatch other’s toys.
  • He will try to take the maximum of the dish he likes.
  • If in GD he had a point and someone else gives it before him, then he will get demoralized and feel cheated.

In contrast an individual having ‘abundance mentality’ paradigm is confident, relaxed and secure. He will not behave in the manner as given in above examples.

‘Abundance Mentality’ required to clear SSB

‘Abundance mentality’ is the required paradigm for candidates getting selected. These candidates are relaxed, confident and secure. They do not want to beat others to get selected. They want to get selected and also help others to get selected. Such persons are good team workers and assets to an organization.


To get selected in SSB candidates should have an ‘abundance mentality’. All SSB aspirants should try to develop it. If you have a serious problem of ‘scarcity mentality’ then please seek my guidance to resolve your problem!

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