Opinion of Parents:

Father –

My father was worried about my future due to my below-average academic performance. However, I made my father proud through my achievements in NCC – I attended the Republic Day Camp Indian Military Attachment Camp, met the Prime Minister Defence Chiefs, and got selected for Youth Exchange Program. This gave my father confidence that I would have a meaningful career if left to pave my path. Fast forward into my professional career, my father was concerned about my frequent job change and my inability to save money. I further earned his respect by being in the Top 1% in my company, earning a handsome salary Top 1% bracket in the country, buying a house and plot of land, and planning my investment well.

My father considers me a good son as I have always cared for my family and protected them. Even though we live in different cities, I ensure that they are taken care of in the best way possible.

Mother –

My mother considers me to be a loving and caring son. She used to be worried about me as she felt I was very simple and kindhearted. She used to be afraid that people would take advantage of me. However, my mother’s perception of me changed when she saw me taking responsibility and handling everything during emergencies in our family, relatives, and friends. She was amazed at how I handled police, judiciary, and others during a family emergency and successfully wrapped up the incident within one year instead of the standard 15-20 years.

I have earned my parents’ trust to the extent that they consult me in every critical decision.

Opinion of Employers:

My employers consider me a thorough professional. I have a track record of winning an award within six months of joining an organization or department. I am often referred to as a “shepherd” by the executive leadership in our organization, as I have extensive knowledge of each department in our 10,000+ employee organization and my ability to rally people and get things done most efficiently. My employers have given me a seat(only individual of my level) at the senior leadership table due to my ability to simplify the most complex problems, ethics, diligence, and a high degree of professionalism.

My employers assign numerous cross-functional, cross-geography, strategic, and tactical projects to me due to my problem-solving skills, proactiveness, and attitude. In addition, my leaders respect me as I never hide my failures, document them, take them as lessons learned, and proactively add them to my following performance objectives. Finally, everyone likes me due to my habit of respecting everyone, from the Security Guard to the CEO.

Opinion of Friends:

My friends love me a lot and consider me a dependable guy they can trust. I am usually the first person they call to seek help in planning a vacation, buying a car, organizing a function – birthday , weddings and funerals, finding the best food in town, career advice, or any other problem. They respect me due to my humble nature, and they know that I will not give them a pass for doing anything wrong just because they are my friends. They adore me due to my caring and compassionate nature. They trust me as I give them unbiased and practical advice.

Own Opinion:

I consider myself an average guy who tries to lead a meaningful life. I like to introspect often and actively seek feedback from people around me, which helps me identify areas of improvement. I have failed often in my life and have learned good life lessons. I don’t get distracted, and I consistently achieve the goals that I set for myself. I enjoy challenges and use “no” and “impossible” as fuel to keep myself motivated. The more I am pushed to the wall, the harder I fight back and find creative ways to solve problems. I enjoy learning new things and doing things myself – essential servicing of my motorcycle, repair/painting my house, plumbing work, basic electrical work, etc.

Improvements Needed:

I need to develop my writing skills and speed. Second, I need to delegate more than I do right now. Third, I need to improve my fitness levels and overall health by improving my food habits and sleep patterns. Finally, I need to make more time for self-development by reading more books that interest me.

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