Should you forgo LPG Subsidy?

Should you forgo LPG Subsidy?

Col SP Yadav suggested that we (Course of 1982 commissioned officers) should forgo LPG subsidy. Let me discuss this issue from the perspective of Personality Psychology (my field of work).

Should you forgo LPG Subsidy because Modi requests you?

Indian MPs receive a salary of Rs 1.3 lacs pm. The subsidies they avail in food, travel, phone, residence, allowances and other perks are well known. They are eligible for lifelong pension for serving just for one day as MP.  Average assets of 90% of the MPs grew 300% in 4 years. To cut a long story short, it is clear that Modi has no moral authority to ask you to forgo your LPG subsidy till such time as the MPs set some sort of personal example. In fact he should feel ashamed to be doing so! They are really thick skinned!

Can you Trust that the amount you forgo will be Used well?

Can you trust the historically corrupt government machinery to use the subsidy you forgo well, or as promised? The answer is a clear no!

Should you forgo LPG Subsidy as a Proactive Individual?

A proactive individual  is the master of his destiny and must make choices which are correct as per his conscience and not because of what is happening in the environment, always and every time. Charity is a personal choice of trying to help the needy. Should you forgo LPG subsidy is a question which needs to answered from this perspective. Col SP Yadav is right to give up the subsidy with charitable intentions, unaffected by the examples he sees in the leadership and the society around him. If his decision is influenced by Modi’s appeal then he is being an —!

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