Some Common Problems of Youth

Some Common Problems of Youth

As my interaction with the Indian youth deepens, I notice some common problems, which need to be eradicated to make them better students, family members & workers in the society.

Problem:Lack of Focus/ Clarity to Understand Priorities in Life

This is a major problem because of which the daily life of the youth lacks energy. This issue has been analyzed in popular movies like, ‘Lakshay’ and ‘Rang De Basanti’. Parents and teachers must help the youth in this. Often parents are guilty of controlling the lives of their children, without understanding their genuine aspirations. It is the prime duty of every young adult to identify his unique mission in life. Without clarity of goals and planning life can never be energized!

Problem:Parents Accustom Youth to Spoon feeding

There is little desire to exert mind & body. The youth is happy to be spoon fed. I request parents to not indulge their children so much. In this way parents spoil their children. Parents should make their children genuinely realize the value of the things they get. Parents should not unnecessarily send them for tuition & spend on them lavishly, while toiling themselves. If a child is stuck with a problem, let him be. This way he will develop his genuine resourcefulness & practical intelligence. Trying to live with unsolved problems is great learning! Parents’ exuberance in solving the problems of their children lead the latter to becoming incompetent and diffident adults.

Disorganized Life of the Youth

Simple things like getting up early, exercising regularly, sleeping for 6-8 hours are vital for a healthy life in the long run. If childhood lifestyle is ill disciplined there will be a host of problems as the teenager becomes an adult. Such adults get controlled by their emotions and others’ priorities, rather than their own rational thoughts.
A point for some youth who succumb to this lifestyle to abide by the ‘group norms’ of fellow students:

  • Realize these stupid norms are not laid down by God, or any administrative authority.
  • A stupid thing is stupid no matter who does it- E.g Sir Garfield Sobers used to take pride in late night drinking sessions prior to matches in the morning & influenced a lot many Cricketers adversely with this culture. The truth is he was lucky to be more talented than others in his era & the bowlers were probably not balling fast enough!
  • We have several such stupid norms among fighter pilots, Para Commandos and practically all organisations created by talented but disorganised persons. No proactive person should follow these!
Youth Not Shouldering Adequate Domestic Responsibilities

Parents feel that by involving a youth in domestic problems & responsibilities they would be overburdening the child. By doing so they do not help them, but make them less responsible. A youth who grows grappling with domestic problems, shouldering responsibilities with parents in family and work does better in his career as well! He understands the value of what he is getting better & is more mature!
Tip for Youth: Don’t wait for your parents to ask you to shoulder family responsibilities. Start doing it from now. You will become a better person!

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  1. Comment: Thanks a lot Sir for sharing it with us. Sir my most big problem is that I’m not able to concentrate on studies. I make plans for studies but these don’t work for longer. So please let me know how can i make my will power more stronger to execute plans…..

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