SSB Aspirants-Understand 5% Performance Variance Concept

SSB Aspirants-Understand 5% Performance Variance Concept

SSB aspirants are confused by some of the following events:

  • Candidate A is selected at one SSB and rejected at another within a period of two weeks.
  • Candidate B is sometimes screened in and sometimes screened out.

There will be specific reasons to explain specific cases. However, one important aspect which explains several such events in life is the, “5% Performance Variance Concept” which has been explained in this blog.

 Concept Explanation

We have our good days and bad days. On our good day our performance may be the best and worst on bad days. What is to be noted is that this variance will be maximum 5% up or 5% down. The individual does not realize this and he considers the 5% up as ‘great!’ and 5% down as ‘horrible!’, because he benchmarks his performance against only himself and has no clue about the performance of others.

  • Candidate A prepared one GK question in the morning very well. He was asked only that question in interview and no other question about GK. Now he feels that today he has God’s blessing and he is on a high.
  • Candidate B was well prepared for GK. One day prior to his interview some important incident took place about which he had no knowledge. He was asked only that question in interview and nothing else. He feels shattered and demoralised and curses himself for spending so much of time on preparation. He allows his low spirit to lower his performance in GTO tests as well.

Perspective of Assessor in Above Examples

  • Candidate A may get assessed 2-4% higher than what he would have had he not known the answer.
  • Candidate B may get assessed 2-4% lower than what he would have been assessed had he known the answer.

The difference in overall assessment is unlikely to be over plus/minus 5% because of the following:

  • Communication skills would remain unchanged.
  • Level of reasoning and analysing ability would remain the same.
  • Various other parameters of the personality would remain largely unaffected.
Concept Clarifies Confusion about Selection/Rejection

This concept clarifies the confusion about selection/rejection of the same candidate by SSB. It is to be noted that the candidate was a ‘borderline’ case for selection/rejection. Thus the little up/down performance resulted in selection/rejection.

Value of this Knowledge for Candidates

Please understand this concept and utilise it for maximum advantage by observing the following:

  • Do not get over enthusiastic if few things seem to go right. Remain grounded and keep performing with total alertness and concentration.
  • If some things have gone wrong then also do not let it affect your further performance because if you are overall competent and selectable your assessment would have dipped only marginally and there is reason to back yourself and perform with energy and enthusiasm. Let not small setbacks affect further performance. Despite your perception of having committed blunders you may still be absolutely selectable in the eyes of the expert assessors!

True Example from Real Life- Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt, when he competed in the last World Athletics in 2015 stumbled at the start in the semi final and was last among the 8 runners for the first 10 meters and at the last 40 meters there were 4 runners ahead of him. He could have got disappointed and stopped. He ran and finished just ahead of all others in a photo finish. On his most horrible start he was still good enough to win that race. So please do not beat yourself by giving up!

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  1. Nice info sir.when I thought I didn’t perform well I was screened IN and when I thought I have performed well,I was out the 1st day.Hopefully I will make my way to the academy this year.

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