SSB Clearance Difficult for Repeaters?

SSB Clearance Difficult for Repeaters?

SSB clearance is difficult for repeaters? Is a question which has been posed to me by several aspirants. My experience in the SSB suggested no bias. Two of my students Tarun and Anand cleared SSB after 6 years and in 12th attempt respectively. As my interaction with SSB repeaters deepens I discover the answer.

Why SSB clearance becomes Difficult for Repeaters?

The major problem is the common paradigm of most SSB repeaters. Salient features of the paradigm are given below:

  1. SSB repeaters give considerable credence to luck and try to face maximum SSBs in the hope of clearing.
  2. They focus on beating the system.
  3. SSB repeaters do not make serious efforts to improve core aspects of their personality, but try to depend upon superficial improvement.
  4. They get adversely influenced by selected peers and wrong advice existing in the environment because of coaching academies.

Tips for SSB Repeaters

  1. Do not go for another SSB in a gap of less than 3 months after rejection, unless definite improvement has been effected in the personality.
  2. Introspect after rejection ( 2-3 days are enough) and make sincere efforts at self improvement. Please do not waste excessive time in introspection.
  3. My experience suggests that elimination of poor impacts of coaching and peer learning itself may take about one month. Unlearning is a difficult thing- particularly when wrong ideas are deep rooted.
  4. Trust the authenticity of the selection system; take responsibility for self improvement and focus energies towards that.
  5. If by introspection you do not get a clear idea of your weaknesses then do not worry but improve the following aspects to increase chances of selection:
  • GK.
  • Knowledge of important subjects studied recently.
  • Fitness.
  • English expression.
  • Practice for OIR test.

Conclusion: Increasing Chances of Selection for SSB Repeaters

Having faith in the system and working systematically as per above guidance will definitely improve chances of selection for SSB repeaters.
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  1. Sir, Is it there like more than time conferenced out candidates are not even screened in at bhopal and Bangalore board, as in my previous attempt 288 reported out of which 140 we’re repeaters and not a single person was screened in, plz guide me sir plz

    • There is no such policy. If there had been such a policy then repeaters beyond a certain number would not have been called.Don’t believe such things.

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