Why SSB Coaching Academies are Popular?

Why SSB Coaching Academies are Popular?

Society gets what it desires. Services become popular based on the needs of the society. It does not matter whether a service is good, or meets the long term interests of the society. SSB coaching academies, just like Math tuitions among Indian children, are quite popular among SSB aspirants. I am against both. How much beneficial they are to the society is not being discussed. In this blog I have analysed as to why SSB coaching academies are popular?

Culture of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a popular culture in the society. It is very much visible from the following popular habits:

  • When people develop lifestyle ailments like high BP or diabetes the popular method to fight it by use of medications and surgery but without changing lifestyle in any way.
  • When a child is unable to solve a Math problem the problem is resolved in the short term by hiring a tutor. In the long term you get an incompetent child.

We thus tend to outsource the problem to ‘medication/surgery’ and ‘tutor’ in the above examples without changing ourselves in any way. It would be far better in the long run to change our lifestyle to prevent health problems and allow a child’s brain to prosper by tackling difficult problems. Hence to clear SSB aspirants seek to ‘outsource’ the preparation to coaching academies without improving themselves.

Lack of Patience and Desire for Shortcuts

I have a student who was assessed as being weak in reasoning ability. We developed plans to improve this very important facet of personality. He did the exercises given with great enthusiasm. After one month in a test we found this facet to be still not up to the desired level. He was demoralised because he had no patience to wait for changes in his personality to take effect. He is not alone. This is the popular culture. The society has no patience. The average youth starts gym and wants to become like his idol star in two months! Often, in lesser time, he has given up his fad for lack of results. Thus for this impatient, shortcuts seeking youth coaching academies are very attractive for offering to make them clear SSB in 2 weeks! When they come to me they realize as to what a waste of time and poor influence this was on their attitude.

Prefer Manipulation Over Self Improvement

The average SSB aspirant who comes to me has the following request,
“My SSB is 10 days from now. Teach me some tips quickly to clear SSB”.
I have to tell such candidates that such foolish dreams are sold by coaching academies. In 10 days my guidance may not do them any good. In fact by pointing out their weaknesses I may lower their confidence level which may be detrimental to their chances of selection!
The society thus prefers manipulating their way through SSB rather than effect genuine improvement. Hence coaching academies meet their requirement and teach them manipulative techniques.

Coaching Academies are Hardly Blameworthy

Coaching academies are in a business in which profits are more important than genuine improvement in students. They offer what the society wants. The staff at the coaching academies knows that in 15 days of coaching no personality weakness can be resolved, particularly in the batch system of training that they follow. They have devised an economically viable model of coaching which is profit generating and fulfils the need of the aspirants. One retired colleague, running a coaching academy, said to me,
“I accept whatever you have against our system of coaching.  The results show that candidates who are bright and have well developed personalities clear SSB after receiving my coaching”
I told him,
“Such candidates would have cleared SSB without having wasted their time and money in his coaching academy!”

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  1. Development of life style and habits develops personality. Great point sir.
    And the layout of the page is awesome. Looks excellent, especially color.!!! Liked it very much both article and webpage. Nice work sir. Thank you.!!!

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