SSB DOs and DON’Ts


There is an ocean of information available related to SSB on various websites, including videos on Youtube and questions answered by so-called SSB Pundits on social media. From my interaction with SSB aspirants I feel sad to realize the wastage of effort and misdirected energies!

I have prepared some SSB DOs and DON’Ts which I suggest that SSB aspirants should paste on their walls to remind them as to what they should do and what they should not. Adherence to these simple tips will go a long way in helping to crack the SSB.


  1. Improve English oral and written communication skills.
  2. Improve knowledge of field of work and main subjects studied in the last 2-3 years.
  3. Improve General Knowledge.
  4. Improve physical fitness.
  5. Be natural, frank and open.
  6. Be friendly, respect your colleagues and respect authority.
  7. In all GDs speak less, but sensible stuff; allow others to speak and listen to them respectfully, even if their points appear to be senseless, or stupid.
  8. Cooperate with colleagues in all tests and be helpful.
  9. Remain optimistic and do your best till the last in all the tests.
  10. Have faith in the selection system.


  1. Try to know the 15 OLQs and 4 Factors.
  2. Go with pre-prepared story in PPDT.
  3. Try to out shout others in PPDT discussion.
  4. Try to learn how assessors do their job & how the assessment system works.
  5. Try to create stupid positivity artificially.
  6. Manipulate behavior to outsmart the assessors.
  7. In Interview, guess answers if you do not know something. Just state that you do not know.
  8. Try to get selected at the expense of others.
  9. Give up till the end in all tests.


Avoid getting obsessed about the selection process and do not follow the misinformation being circulated by various websites and the misguidance provided by conventional Coaching academies claiming to train you to clear SSB in 15 days.

If you want to get acquainted with the SSB process, read my guide.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement!
      I guide to become a more effective person in life & hence it applies to all entries including TGC.

  1. Respected sir, I am a BSc student and I dreaming to be an army officer. I am an average student. But I have very good knowledge of gk and my surroundings. So, sir, I want to know that, in one of your video I come to know that in SSB only good academic scorer is recommended. Sir, can you please discuss more.

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