SSB Interview: Impact of Poor Marks?

SSB Interview: Impact of Poor Marks?

What is the impact of poor marks in 10th/12th exam? What is the impact of backlogs in engineering? This question is asked by so many SSB aspirants that I am forced to write a blog, “SSB Interview: Impact of Poor Marks?”

 Poor Marks are Evidence of What?

Poor marks in 10th/12th exam and backlogs in engineering are concrete evidence of the following about an individual’s personality:

  • Academic incompetence in life till the time of poor performance in the exam. It is not an indicator of just one event, but a result of cumulative incompetence over the years till the exam was held.
  • Poor performance could have been because of:
    • Poor level of intelligence.
    • Insincerity in studies.
  • It would be logical to expect the individual to continue to remain insincere and incompetent.

Can there be Other Reasons for Poor Marks?

There can of course be other reasons for poor marks. To know about that each case will have to be studied to assess the real reasons. The fact remains that in above 90% of the cases:

  • The above given reasons are true.
  • Other reasons are offered only as a flimsy cover up by candidates, or have played only an insignificant part in the poor performance.

Do Poor Marks Adversely Impact Assessment?

Please note that poor marks not only have an adverse impact on assessment in SSB interview, but will continue to have an adverse impact on any interview that the individual faces in his life! The reasons have been clarified above. So all poor performers in history please note this answer and do not ask me this question!

If this is History is there Hope for Future?

If this has been your past please note that there is hope for future! There is nothing to worry about but a lot to be done. This is the suggested action plan for future:

  • Accept that you were incompetent and insincere.
  • Resolve to improve.
  • Worrying about past deeds is waste of time but working patiently to improve the future is the only sensible option. Please start working hard to overcome your academic weaknesses. It is never too late to learn!
  • In SSB/ any interview do not give flimsy reasons for having obtained poor marks. This shows not only the obvious weaknesses, but also poor attitude (of lack of acceptance and hence chances of future improvement). Accept the fact about insincerity and incompetence. Give concrete evidence of actions taken to improve upon the weaknesses.
  • Please note,
“Interviewers hire you based on your current attitude and competence and not historical ability”


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  1. You said correctly “Interviewers hire you based on your current attitude and competence and not historical ability”. That’s all matters. The past weakness should not be reflected by your current attitude.

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