SSB Interview Tips: Approach to SSB

SSB Interview Tips: Approach to SSB

Remember group behavior starts as soon as you meet others at the SSB Centre.
Candidates assess each other for their competence, as well as sociability. This process is unrelated to the formal assessment, but influences it. What you are, speaks louder than your words. This means that your genuine nature influences others, based upon which they form an opinion about you, rather than what you say, or try to project.
Please go for the SSB with the conviction of being selected, without any self doubts. This will positively affect your personality & influence others accordingly. This attitude must be maintained throughout the tests, particularly when things don’t appear to be going right. Examples: when you run out of ideas in Command task of GTO, or are unable to answer a question about your favourite subject to the Interviewing Officer (IO), just remember that  exactly the same thing could have happened to the serving Services Chiefs!
I remember one excellent answer I got from a serving professional in SSB as   IO. Physics was his favourite subject & he could not answer two simple basic questions from the subject asked by me. I then asked him whether he had obtained a high percentage in BTech through manipulation. He remained calm & confident, smiled & said that,

“Both are facts, one that I had scored very high marks in BTech & second that I am unable to answer your questions now!” This exemplifies the required attitude.

Do not consider others as rivals, who have to be beaten, for you to be selected. Approach with a philosophy:

“let us all perform well, & along with others, I should also get selected”.

The usual philosophy prevailing in the world, “I should get selected at the expense of others” is unsuited for selection in SSB.

Having good general knowledge, expression & a friendly nature positively impacts your social rating by peers, & will positively impact your chances of selection as well.

It will have an impact on the tests as well. Example: In the group, before the tests, you start discussing some current affairs topic. Most of the group will have superficial knowledge, based on TV headlines news or news paper headlines. One or two may have deeper analytical knowledge based on their having read editorials, or some current affairs magazine article on the topic. These candidates will be more respected by others. For other tips please read the relevant page on my website.

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