SSB Repeaters: Don’t waste Time in Introspection!

 SSB Repeaters: Don’t waste Time in Introspection!

SSB repeaters develop some common traits. One very serious personality problem developed is of wasting great amount of time in introspection to effect self improvement. This is very much apparent in some of my students. In this blog I have explained why this exercise actually does great harm than any good in most cases and why it should be avoided.

Selection System is Not Foolproof

The selection system is not a foolproof system. It is just the best system that the Defence Services have been able to evolve. It means that:

  • Few candidates who should have been rejected are selected.
  • Few candidates who should have been selected are rejected.


Reasons for Rejection in SSB

Reasons for rejection in SSB is being ‘assessed as inadequate’ in one or several qualities required for selection. Assessment of inadequacy in some quality/qualities does not necessarily mean that the candidate lacks the required quality/qualities.  It does not mean that the selected candidates are more competent than the rejected candidates, but definitely ‘assessed as being more suited’ to become officers in the Defence Services. Rejection also does not mean the following (contrary to popular perception):
There is ‘something wrong with the psychology’ of the rejected person.

Common Perceptions of Rejected Candidates

The rejected candidates tend to often think that they got rejected because there was ‘something wrong with their psychology’ or they did not ‘out shout others’ in the group discussion of the ‘Screening In’ process. Both these perceptions are more often than not wrong. The psychology aspect is the biggest common problem and leads to the following popular time wasters:

  • Great amount of time wasted in practice of psychology tests.
  • Endless introspection to identify what is wrong with oneself.

Don’t Waste Time in Introspection

Some major problems are caused by introspection to identify what is wrong with oneself. These problems often are:

  • Lowers your self confidence because the basic thought to identify flaws in yourself starts with the premise that something is not okay. The more people you consult the more differing views you get and greater is the confusion. You tend to get thoughts that not just a few but several things are wrong. Example: If Dhoni was to take the assessment of the expert critics very seriously he would have been out from the Indian team long back. He is there because of his self belief.
  • The exercise results in wasted time which could have been utilised more productively.
  • Development of the bad habit of wasting time in life.


The solution for most (and definitely for all my students) is to waste no time at all in introspecting. It is much better to utilize the time to improve the following and enhance your all round competence:

  • Communication skills.
  • Knowledge of subjects you have been studying or the line of work.
  • GK.
  • Physical fitness.
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  1. Sir as i was not recommended in TA commission SSB, i came back and started working practically on my self, what should have been done during my interview as you said don’t waste time in introspecting yourself sir then how we can be able to know what should be the future course of action, i read your articles they are most inspiring thank you sir carry on the good work

  2. Nice views sir…. i am one of the victim of taking views from too many people/assessors and implementing ideas to improve myself and it is the only reason i could not be a part of Defence Forces.

  3. Any other work means what,quit thinking of ssb and do something else.
    What do you mean?
    I think you forgot to complete the article here sir.

  4. Any other work means what,quit thinking of ssb and do something else.
    What do you mean?
    I think you forgot to complete the article here sir.
    What should be done if not introspection?

  5. Sir,it took me 4 years to clear 12th.ssb conference out for NDA once.Should I give ssb for OTA,taking into account education gaps? And what should I say in Personal Interview?I lost interest in studies and found it too much and didn’t want to become an engineer,hence the slack and academic gap.been a topper in junior classes with national olympiad scholarship twice

    • It is not possible to answer such questions without assessing you. Once I do that I can advise you appropriately.

  6. Sir
    I want to know the best answer of “why you didn’t get recommend last time and how you overcoming to these mistakes ”
    Although I am week in English but they seems it a lame excuses

    • The answer will be different and specific to each person. There cannot be any best general answer. If I assess you, then it will be possible for me to give you the best answer in your specific case.

  7. Sir
    since SSB is a personality based selection process,
    the advices you’ve given to the repeaters doesn’t include anything that could help them improving their personality.
    Mere communication skills and GK help candidates to get recommended?

    • Communication skills, GK and fitness help you improve not only in these aspects, but also in your confidence and influence on others. When you work systematically to improve these aspects your discipline, willpower and time management also improve. These small improvements combine to make a major improvement in your overall personality. This increases your chances of selection.

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