Student’s Paradigm is unsuited for MBA

 Student’s Paradigm is unsuited for MBA

MBA was very popular a few years back in India. The popularity has dipped a little. However, there are far too many students doing MBA, particularly BE/B Tech students. MBA is a useful qualification. However, I am a very strong advocate of MBA only for professionals and not students. In this blog I have discussed reasons as to why a “Student’s Paradigm is unsuited for MBA”.

Waste of Professional Qualification

Engineers who do not work after BE/ BTech lose the value of their professional degree. It is a loss to the society that qualified people are not available as part of the work force. No one thinks from the society’s perspective so let us see it from the individual’s perspective. An engineer who has not worked in the field at all is actually no genuine engineer. It often takes up to an year or more for an engineer to become really productive for an organization. Thus an engineer can be considered an effective professional after about two years of work experience. So a BE/B Tech student without experience is no professional. His final degree only will be of consequence and not any earlier qualification.

Student’s Paradigm is Unsuited for MBA

There is a great difference between the paradigm of a student and an experienced professional, which renders a student quite unfit for MBA, or work in field. Let us see some major issues.

Choice in Answering Questions

A student’s paradigm is to avoid something which he finds difficult to understand because his paradigm is formed by the assessment system of examinations and not life. See some examples to note the difference.

  • A student thinks that if he writes something wrong he will only lose a few marks. So he will not hesitate much to give a wrong answer. If a professional journalist misquotes a politician, he will not lose a few marks, but will have to seek an alternative career. He will take considerable pains to write only what is factually correct.
  • A medical student can pass an exam by not knowing the complete details about the functioning of an organ. In practical life he may kill a patient by his lack of knowledge!
  • In real life situations there are no choices in answering questions. The cost of mistakes is not a few marks but much more. A professional will never be casual like a student, because of his life experience. For doing MBA this is the required paradigm.
Despite Lack of Clarity Student Can Pass

A mechanical engineering student can pass without knowing the functioning of an IC an engine thoroughly. Can a professional in field repair an IC engine with half baked knowledge? With such knowledge will he get a job? The answer is no.

Hard Experience of Field Work is Vital

A student becomes a genuine professional by the hard experience of field work which teaches him that there may not be second chances. He learns to get clarity and give up casualness. He learns to measure twice before cutting once, like any professional tailor would instinctively do. This essential paradigm of a professional cannot be learnt without field experience. There is no short cut available!


From the above discussion it would be apparent that a student’s paradigm is unsuited for MBA. He will not benefit from the MBA degree as much as a professional who has gained competence to work effectively in the field. Thus MBA should not be done by students, but only professionals.

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