Students’ Stress

Students’ Stress

My work brings me in close touch with students . I often can indirectly experience the negative stress being faced by a large number of students. While some stress is okay, or even good, but negative stress has only harmful effects. The prime cause of students’ stress in India are parents. Let us analyse the impacts to deduce measures to reduce the same.

Adverse Impacts of Students’ Stress

There are a large number of adverse impacts of students’ stress. Salient impacts are discussed below.

  • Loss of self belief. Some students are so much pressurised by the parents, particularly by constant comparisons & their fear of future employability & college admission of the children that they lose self belief. A positive self image is essential for success in any endeavour. Thus parents are unknowingly doing grave harm to their children’s future.
  • Joy of Learning. Learning is a pleasant activity. The stress created by the parents unfortunately removes the joy of learning from the lives of children. The dislike for education gets deep rooted in the psyche of children & adversely impacts not only their student lives, but also future careers.
  • Mugging up. Often when a student reads something, or is taught a new concept it is not immediately understood. The pressure environment created prevents a student from trying to understand the concept at leisure, because of the time pressure. As a result the student resorts to mugging up. This approach once adopted has grave implications for life. The student continues to adopt this mugging up approach whenever confronted with anything which is difficult to understand immediately, in later life as well. Just think of the character “Chatur” in “3 Idiots” & the stupidity of mugging up!
  • Marks’ obsession. The stress creates an obsession for marks, rather than clarity in understanding. This has long lasting adverse implications for the child.
  • Exams’ fear. Students develop fear & negative feelings about exams which has bad long term implications.

Suggestions for Parents

  • Unconditional Love. Please love your children unconditionally. In case the point is not clear, please read my blog on the subject.
  • Have faith in your children. Please have faith in your children this will help them more than any stress created will. Please allow them to grow & develop at their unique pace.
  • Do not compare Children. Do not compare your child with others. Respect & love him/her for who he/she is.
  • Give up Marks’ obsession. This is a big problem in Indian society. Please read my blog on the topic. I request parents to give up this obsession.


Most parents who read my blog will not be influenced much in their attitude or behaviour. I know their argument: “You don’t know my child!” Let me assure them that what they think is unique about their child is actually most general. Hence the points given are worth abiding by in the long term interests of their children.

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