Success Mantra

Success Mantra for Toppers

It is the time for board results & I follow success stories of toppers. It is difficult to get data about success in school translating into long term success in life. Several questions come to our mind. Who should inspire us & how much? I don’t fall for statements like ‘studied 15 hours a day!’ For me the protagonist of “3 Idiots” provides genuine inspiration for long term success. Let us see the mantras for long term success in life, including exams:

  • Rate Human Relations above Exams: This heading would appear awkward to the exams’ obsessed parents. This is the correct mantra for long term success in life. Only idiots will rate a 3 hour exam above human relations. Remember how the “3 Idiots” went to get the father of one of them treated on the exam evening & just about took the exam!
  • Toppers generally like what they are studying. This was the case with the “3 Idiots” protagonist. Important point for all those who do not like what they are studying: This is true for majority of humanity! It is going to be true even for job! So develop a liking for studies, or the job you do, because it is important in life. This should be sufficient motivation!
  • Seek clarity of understanding rather than marks. In case books do not clarify issues properly, seek clarity from the internet. Clarity is more important in understanding. Do not bother for marks. Marks will follow in due course. All toppers follow this mantra well!
  • “Studied 15 hours a Day”. Someone who tops like this will have medical problems soon in life! I do not know how long this misbalanced life style can be sustained. Please don’t get inspired by such statements! 8-10 hours a day spent consistently are right for students as well as professionals to progress in life.
  • No Last Minute Studies. All toppers have been consistent & disciplined & have planned their studies & revision systematically. Toppers are not last minute crammers.
  • Fat & Unfit Students. If you see a fat & unfit student topper, please don’t be inspired! See him/her as a future heart/diabetes patient. He will not remain a topper for long in life!
  • Book worms. Often toppers are not book worms. At times some may be of the type leading one-dimensional lives. Please don’t be inspired by such students, because their success is likely to be short lived.


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